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It’s a woman’s world – A guide to a good breast augmentation

Kelly Vasileiadou
24. June 2020
When talking about a part of the body that defines womanhood so much, it is best to know what awaits you. Here I would like to come into play and would be happy to help you. Let me give you an insight into what it means to do a breast augmentation.

Knowing what kind of procedure is best suited for your personal situation can be tricky, especially for women who are new to the idea of plastic surgery. This is where I deeply believe, talking to a female surgeon will help you a lot in fully understanding the possibilities of breast augmentation, and making the right decision.

The basics of breast augmentation with implants

A breast augmentation surgery is when a pocket is made either above or behind the breast muscle and filled with a silicone or saline implant. Breast implants are an extremely popular plastic surgery procedure. It is the most performed cosmetic surgery worldwide every year.

An implant can have a round or anatomical shape. The latter is sometimes referred to as ”teardrop-shaped”. There are also differences in the texture of the surface. Breast implants with a light structure are called textured. If they do not have this texture, they are called smooth.

But not all women who opt to have breast augmentation are doing so to gain in size. Some are choosing to undergo breast augmentation to correct issues, such as unevenly sized breasts or to give their breasts a lift.

How is an implant inserted?

There are four types of breast implant incision types, and after a consultation, I can help you determine which of the following is the right one for you:

  • An Inframammary Fold Incision, in which an incision is made at the bottom of the breast in the crease or fold area. The scar is then typically hidden by the breast or the bra.
  • A Periareolar (Around the Nipple) Incision, in which an incision is made along the curve of the bottom part of the areola where the dark and light skin meet, which helps to disguise the scar.
  • A Trans-axillary (Under the Armpit) Incision, which is popular for women getting smaller implants which leaves the breasts unscarred.
  • Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation (Through the Navel) Incision, during which the deflated breast implant is inserted through the belly button, making merely a minor scar at the navel that is often unnoticeable. This type of approach can only be used with saline implants.

I personally favour the submammary scar, for many different reasons. But mostly because the results are usually better, more aesthetic and more consistent.

What about Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Traditional breast implants may not be the best solution for every person. Fat transfer breast augmentation (otherwise referred to as fat grafting, lipo-filling or living fat transfer) is typically a great choice for women who desire a subtle increase to their breast size of about half a cup.

Fat transfers make use of a popular form of fat reduction surgery known as tumescent liposuction to remove small amounts of fat from stubborn pockets on the body. This can be from the thighs, abdomen or sides. The fat is then purified and carefully re-injected into the breasts in layers to sculpt the patient’s requested shape.

How do I choose the right size for me?

Even if you decide to do a breast augmentation by a plastic surgeon, knowing what size to go to can be intimidating at first. This is where talking to a fellow woman can make all the difference. Your female surgeon can listen to your wishes for your breast augmentation procedure and help guide you to the size that will give you the result you desire.

How do I ensure that I will have a natural result?

Many women undergoing breast augmentation want to ensure that they have natural-looking breasts and that their overall physique looks balanced post-op. This is where expertise, empathy and understanding come into play. Let me be clear on one thing: The top factors of choosing your surgeon are the surgeon’s education and the patient’s safety.

However, when all the facts are on the table, talking to a female doctor can make all the difference. While men can be excellent plastic surgeons and perform beautiful breast augmentations, sometimes iBut, even if all the facts are on the table, speaking to a female doctor can make all the difference. While men can make excellent plastic surgeons and perform beautiful breast augmentations, sometimes, when talking about a part of the body that helps define womanhood so much, it is best to talk to a fellow female.

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