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Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts: Balancing Beauty

Kelly Vasileiadou
5. July 2024
Due to breastfeeding and hormonal change, many women develop uneven breasts over time: however, the size and volume of the breasts can be adjusted. We explain how breast augmentation can lead to the desired symmetry.

As an aesthetic surgeon in Switzerland, I am more than aware of how important a harmonious body image is for women’s self-confidence and well-being. Some women with uneven, asymmetrical breasts therefore opt for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation gives them new self-confidence – and allows them appear stronger and more self-assured. 

In this article, I explain why there is asymmetry in the female breast in the first place, how the procedure works and what benefits you can expect of breast augmentation.

The reasons: Why do some women have asymmetrical breasts?

Asymmetrical breasts are not as rare as you might think. Depending on the definition, more than half of women to almost every woman has asymmetrical breasts. It is therefore a widespread phenomenon that can have very different causes.

One reason, for example, is that breast asymmetry can be congenital: As soon as the breasts grow during puberty, genetic factors sometimes cause one breast to look larger than the other. This congenital asymmetry is caused by uneven growth of the mammary glands or the rest of the breast tissue.

Hormonal changes also play a decisive role in breast development. Not only during puberty, but also during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding, fluctuations in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone influence the size and shape of the breasts. This may result in uneven development – especially if one mammary gland reacts more sensitively to hormonal stimuli than the other.

Breastfeeding has a particularly strong effect: During pregnancy, the breasts prepare for milk production. The breast shape enlarges – and sometimes one breast produces more milk than the other. This often leads to a situation where the difference in size remains after weaning because the breast tissue does not completely regress.

Last but not least, weight changes can also cause breast asymmetry, as the breasts consist not only of glandular tissue but also of fatty tissue. Losing or gaining weight also changes the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts. As a result, one breast may gain or lose more volume than the other.

The consequences: Lack of self-confidence and mental stress

My experience shows: Women who perceive their breast asymmetry as a flaw often suffer from mental stress as a result or feel insecure and impaired in their self-confidence. They find it difficult to accept their body as it is. Breast augmentation can then be an effective solution to restore symmetry and an overall aesthetic appearance – which ultimately leads to greater satisfaction on the part of my patients.

Balancing asymmetry: Advantages of breast augmentation

Without question, a balanced breast shape contributes significantly to a harmonious overall body image. Women whose breasts I symmetrically adjust in my practice for aesthetic medicine in Zug regularly tell me about their increased self-confidence. The (restored) symmetry has a lasting positive effect on their body image. And this also increases the psychological well-being and life satisfaction of those affected. Another advantage is that it becomes much easier to find clothes and lingerie that fit.

The procedure: How breast augmentation actually works

Before I start breast augmentation for asymmetrical breasts, I first invite my patients to my practice for a detailed consultation. During this consultation, we discuss individual wishes and expectations and discuss the various options. Together we select the most suitable procedure and implants. Planning and preparation also includes a number of health examinations.

I usually perform the procedure itself under general anesthesia. Sometimes it is necessary for me to use implants of different sizes or to perform an additional lift of the larger breast. By making the incision in the breast crease, the scars are hidden unobtrusively. Careful aftercare is of course very important for a great result and good healing without complications.

Consultation is essential: achieving breast symmetry

Before the decision to undergo breast augmentation is made, detailed information and a comprehensive consultation are usually required in advance. At our practice in Zug, we will be happy to advise you on the procedure, its benefits and possible risks and help you weigh these up against each other. In my experience as an expert in aesthetic surgery for many years, those who ultimately decide to undergo breast augmentation are usually very satisfied with the symmetrical and therefore aesthetic end result and subsequently go through life with a strengthened self-confidence.

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