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Breast reduction: is it right for you?

Kelly Vasileiadou
31. August 2023
Disproportionate and large breasts can cause a variety of discomforts, from neck and back pain to mental distress. In this article, Dr. Kelly gives answers if and when a breast reduction makes sense.

Deciding on a breast reduction depends on a variety of factors: While some women are interested in breast reduction mainly for aesthetic reasons, for many other women physical discomfort plays an important role. Sometimes there is even a medical indication for the procedure.

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, I will advise you personally and help evaluate your individual situation reconciling it with your goals and expectations. Together we will discuss and make the best decision.

Who is suited for breast reduction?

When women have excessively large and heavy breasts, this circumstance usually causes not only physical discomfort, but also represents an emotional burden. Thus, the idea of breast reduction will appear as an obvious solution. In order to be able to make a better decision when a breast reduction makes sense in your individual case, I have summarized the typical cases of my patients with breast reduction in the following overview:

  • Women with physical pain
    Women who suffer from back, neck and shoulder discomfort caused by the weight of their breasts benefit from breast reduction.
  • Women with skin irritations
    If large breasts cause skin irritation under the breasts because there is a lot of friction and moisture, the procedure can be beneficial as well.
  • Women with restricted movement during sports
    When large breasts restrict women’s movement and interfere with physical activities, breast reduction usually provides relief.
  • Women with psychological stress
    Excessively large breasts often lead to psychological distress, problems with self-esteem or social difficulties. Breast reduction provides relief in these cases.
  • Women who want a proportional figure
    If a woman desires a more proportional figure and wants to harmonize her breasts with the remaining body, breast reduction can help.

In all these cases, breast reduction provides benefits and added value. Nevertheless, it is crucial to me that my patients have a thorough consultation beforehand – not least so that their expectations of the result are realistic.

How much smaller will my breast become through breast reduction?

The number of cup sizes by which the breast can be reduced through breast reduction depends on several factors. These do not only include your current breast size, but also the amount of excess breast tissue that can be removed and your individual aesthetic goal.

Generally, breast reduction can reduce women’s breasts by one cup size, and in some cases several cup sizes. However, the actual reduction varies from patient to patient. In your consultation, we evaluate together how much volume can be removed and how this will affect your breast size.

How does a breast reduction procedure look like?

During a breast reduction, also called mammoplasty, the surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin to reduce the size and shape of the breasts to fit the desired proportions. 

Breast reduction is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure can be easily summarized in five steps:

  1. Anesthesia: the patient is put under general anaesthesia to be pain-free during the surgery.

  1. Incision: for the desired result, the surgeon makes incisions around the areola and vertically downward to the breast crease, and in some cases horizontally in the breast crease.

  1. Removal of tissue: excess breast tissue, fat and skin are removed to achieve the desired size and shape of the breasts.

  1. Repositioning of the nipple: the nipple and areola are usually moved to a higher position to achieve an aesthetically more pleasing result.
  1. Closing the incisions: The incisions are carefully sutured to close the skin and shape the breast.

The surgical procedure varies depending on the individual case and the techniques used. After the surgery that lasts several hours, a bandage and support bra are recommended to stabilize and protect the breasts. Usually, my patients stay in my clinic for a short period before they are discharged to go home. It is a surgery that today is done by experienced surgical teams on an outpatient basis.
Full recovery takes several weeks and it is important to carefully follow the recommendations given for aftercare and protection of the breasts in order to get a beautiful and best possible result.

What are the advantages of breast reduction?

As already described, breast reduction offers several advantages to women who suffer from excessively large breasts: Firstly, you can alleviate physical complaints such as back, neck and shoulder pain caused by the weight of large breasts. Secondly, breast reduction also improves your posture, as the reduced breast weight no longer presses on your back. Another benefit of breast reduction is an increased freedom of movement, which allows for a more active lifestyle through jogging and other sports.

Breast reduction also improves breast aesthetics, which most women find very satisfying. As a result, an overall more proportional, symmetrical figure is achieved. Many women experience increased self-confidence and a positive body image after breast reduction. Last but not least, breast reduction usually also changes the fit of clothing: The patients concerned subsequently find it easier to find suitable and comfortable clothing.

Well advised: Dr. Kelly shares her experience with you

Before undergoing a breast reduction, every woman should take time for a thorough consultation: As an experienced plastic surgeon, I am happy to guide you through this process. Together, we will address concerns about potential risks and complications and discuss your individual needs and goals.
Just as important to me as careful preparation is appropriate aftercare, which can ensure a great result and successful healing.

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