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Combining Liposuction with Other Procedures: Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgery and More

Kelly Vasileiadou
16. May 2024
Liposuction can be used to shape your body aesthetically: Fat deposits are once and for all removed. What few people know: Liposuction can also be combined very well with other methods of aesthetic surgery – this saves time, costs and offers several advantages.

There are many reasons for liposuction: For example, many of my female patients suffer from lipoedema, a pathological increase in fatty tissue. This is particularly noticeable in the arms, legs and buttocks. It is usually triggered by hormones and a genetic predisposition. Liposuction can reduce lipoedema if conservative treatment does not work.

There may also be other reasons for liposuction: if my patients are unhappy with their body shape and cannot get rid of stubborn fat deposits despite dieting, exercise and conventional therapy, liposuction can help them achieve their desired figure – whether on the stomach and hips, legs and thighs, buttocks and upper arms or even if they have male breasts or a double chin.

In this article, I explain in detail how liposuction can be sensibly combined with other aesthetic surgery methods – a tummy tuck or breast surgery, for example – and what advantages this offers.

What exactly happens during liposuction?

During liposuction, the surgeon removes excess fatty tissue from certain areas of the body. First, small incisions are made through which a cannula is inserted. This cannula is moved during this technique to loosen the fat and suck out the fat cells. The procedure usually takes no longer than two hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, rarely under twiligth sleep or as an inpatient.

Once liposuction has been performed, the fat cells cannot normally regenerate. The incisions through the cannula are invisible in the later result, i.e., no significant scars are usually left behind.

Why is it worth combining liposuction with other procedures?

Combining liposuction with other aesthetic surgical procedures offers several advantages: Firstly, liposuction can then help to achieve a particularly aesthetically pleasing result by treating problem areas at the same time. Secondly, the overall recovery time is reduced and the physical and social downtime are shorter.

What is the advantage of breast surgery with liposuction?

Breast augmentation can be combined particularly well with liposuction: This allows the liposuctioned fat to be used directly to augment the breast, which usually leads to particularly natural and soft results. In the case of breast reduction, liposuction helps to improve the contours. Here too, the combination of liposuction and breast surgery can achieve an overall more harmonious breast shape.

What are the advantages of a tummy tuck with liposuction?

A tummy tuck with liposuction is also a combination frequently chosen by my patients: by removing excess fatty tissue and tightening the abdominal skin, a slimmer waist and a flatter stomach are created. The combination of both procedures can also correct stretch marks and remove excess skin. This is a popular option, especially after weight loss or pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Plasma Skin tightening and liposuction

Combining plasma skin tightening with liposuction offers a synergistic approach to body contouring that can yield superior aesthetic results for patients. Plasma skin tightening uses advanced technology to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin in treated areas. This complementary combination ensures not only the reduction of unwanted fat but also enhances skin texture and firmness, leading to smoother, more refined outcomes. Patients benefit from a more comprehensive treatment, experiencing both a slimmer figure and improved skin quality, which together contribute to a more youthful and contoured appearance.

What other procedures can be combined with liposuction?

In addition to breast surgery and tummy tucks, liposuction can also be combined with various other procedures, e.g. a face lift, thigh and buttock lift or arm lifts. These combined procedures make it possible to tackle several problem areas at the same time. The liposuctioned autologous fat can be used, for example, to shape areas of the face, breasts or buttocks. Experience has shown that my patients are very satisfied with the aesthetic results.

Comprehensive consultation in advance

With my many years of experience as an aesthetic surgeon in Switzerland, particularly in the field of autologous fat treatment, it is important to me to inform my patients in detail about the risks and potential benefits of the procedures combined with liposuction. I will be happy to advise you in detail in advance and help you to set your expectations realistically.

Overall, liposuction is a good way to remove excess fatty tissue in a targeted manner and thus effectively address aesthetic problem areas. By combining liposuction with other surgical procedures, the patient’s own body shape can be brought into aesthetic harmony. This also improves my patients’ self-confidence and well-being. The combined procedures reduce the overall recovery time and lower the costs compared to separate operations. This is a decisive criterion for many of my patients.

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