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Debunked: common myths and misconceptions about plastic surgery

Kelly Vasileiadou
29. August 2023
Cosmetic surgery is only for rich people and looks artificial. You obtain a perfect appearance, thus self-esteem is increased. These and many other ideas are widespread, but not necessarily true. After being a surgeon for almost two decades and consulting with patients every day I felt that it is time to enlighten you about the myths of plastic surgery.

There is hardly a field in medicine about which so many prejudices and misconceptions exist as plastic surgery. The misunderstandings are mostly based on ignorance and simply myths, about which rarely anyone takes a standing. I therefore want to clarify for you: What is true about the plastic surgery myths?

Myth 1: Plastic surgery is only for the rich

In fact, it is a common belief that only wealthy people can afford surgical procedures from the field of plastic surgery. This is a myth, considering that there is a wide range of treatments that are accessible even for low budgets. In addition, not every plastic surgery procedure is automatically an extensive cosmetic surgery. 

Some people choose plastic surgery to treat minor or major medical problems, such as scar correction, sun damage to the skin, volume loss, or lip corrections. Minor cosmetic procedures that do not have to cost much are also sometimes performed to enhance personal well-being. These include, for example, the chemical peels, eyelid lifts or fillertreatments for dark circles under the eyes.

Myth 2: Plastic surgery looks unnatural

When many people think of plastic surgery, they think of injected lips or Botox on the face. This is commonly associated with artificial looks. In fact, most plastic surgery procedures have very little to do with this. 

Moreover, plastic surgery is nowadays so advanced that results look stunningly natural when performed by experienced surgeons. The result always depends on a variety of factors: In addition to the surgeon’s experience, the patient’s individual anatomy also plays a decisive role. With the right qualifications, experience and an aesthetic eye, it is possible to achieve a natural-looking result that improves the patient’s appearance without being too obvious.

Myth 3: Only women use plastic surgery 

One of the common myths about plastic surgery is the idea that only women use it. In fact, both men and women seek for plastic surgeons to treat various, physical concerns or improve their appearance. For example, many men are increasingly interested in treatments such as liposuction, eye lid lift, or even corrections in the breast area, such as in the presence of gynecomastia: this involves the removal of excess breast tissue in men.

Myth 4: Plastic surgery is the fast track to perfection

Is it true? Rather not. This belief is also inaccurate and premature. Plastic surgery is neither a quick nor a particularly easy way to perfect your appearance. In reality, plastic surgery requires a thorough preliminary examination, careful planning and aftercare. The duration of the healing process after a surgical procedure must also be taken into account. 

The misunderstanding often leads to the assumption that plastic surgery can solve all problems quickly and easily or guarantee a perfect appearance. In fact, however, it is merely a tool to improve certain aspects of the appearance. However, for long-term success, a combination of healthy lifestyle, fitness and appropriate care is usually crucial.

Myth 5: Self-esteem problems can be resolved through plastic surgery

Another misconception is that plastic surgery will automatically lead to increased self-esteem. In fact, while certain aesthetic changes can improve self-esteem, deeper emotional or psychological problems cannot be solved through plastic surgery alone. It is important to understand the reasons behind the desire for surgery and to seek psychological support when necessary.

Myth 6: Plastic surgery is only for the purpose of beauty

The assumption that plastic surgery is performed solely for cosmetic purposes is also one of the common myths. In fact, the spectrum of plastic surgery also includes many procedures with a reconstructive function: these are about restoring or improving physical functions. Examples include breast reconstruction following removal of mammary gland tissue (mastectomy) when dealing with breast cancer, but also operations to correct birth defects or injuries from accidents.

Myth 7: Plastic surgery carries no risk

One of the myths of plastic surgery is the idea that plastic surgery is risk-free. Of course, plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries certain risks. Complications are possible, which is why it is very important that patients undergo a thorough preliminary examination. In this way, suitability for the procedure can be determined. It is also equally important that patients consult with a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Myth 8: Plastic surgeon equals cosmetic surgeon

Another misconception: the idea that all plastic surgeons are the same. In reality, there are huge differences in terms of existing training, experience and specialization. Whilst plastic surgeons receive a profound training in their education, they hardly ever specialize in cosmetic or aesthetic surgery.Therefore, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon who has the necessary expertise and experience to safely and effectively achieve the aesthetic results that you desire.

Getting a profound consultation

Do you know of any other myths surrounding plastic surgery? If so, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you would like more in-depth advice, Dr. Kelly, as a board-certified surgeon and FAACS (Fellow American Association of Cosmetic Surgery), is always available for an open and honest discussion. This is all the more important because such a consultation prior to a possible procedure can help to set realistic expectations and clear up any potential misunderstandings.

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