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Interview in Cosmedic No 17 – professional organ of the SGMK on the subject of PDO thread lifting

Kelly Vasileiadou
18. July 2022
Thread lifting is an innovative, minimally invasive method of skin revitalization, restoration and tightening of facial skin with absorbable PDO threads (polydiaxonone threads). This allows facial contours to be sculpted without the effect of a “pulled taut” face. The material from which the threads are made is biocompatible, biodegradable and completely absorbed by the body.

Once again I was allowed to share my expertise in the current issue of the magazine of the Swiss Society for Medical Cosmetics (SGMK). When asked about the method of thread lifting, I was able to discuss the method, indication and limitations of thread lifting in an interview with Rene Schätti, Managing Director of the SGMK in the “Cosmedic”.

This method is especially suitable for younger people who simply want to tighten certain areas of the face, but are not (yet) ready for surgery. The result is immediately visible after the procedure and improves in the following three months. The result lasts for about twelve months.

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou (Surgeon FMH) is a specialist in the field of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. With more than 2 decades of experience in the USA, Singapore, Switzerland and Greece, she stands for expertise and empathy. She was interviewed on the subject of PDO thread lifting by René Schätti for the magazine Cosmedic by SGMK, No. 17-2022.

Original article from the magazine Cosmedic by SGMK:

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