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She is all natural – with breast implants

Kelly Vasileiadou
9. December 2019
Being naturally beautiful is deeper in our being than some think and is not always related to general perceptions of “beauty.” What is beautiful to one person does not have to mean the same sensation to someone else.

To be naturally beautiful, is deeper in our nature than many think, and is not always related to general perceptions of “beauty.” What is beautiful for one does not necessarily mean the same sensation in someone else.

Challenged by movements against putting yourself under the knife, breast implants are unnatural foreign bodies and you have low self-esteem if you wish plastic surgery, I decided to tell the story of a patient of mine, who is “a natural girl”.

Entering her into my practice made all of us think she confused our address with the homeopathic center next door.

She introduces herself by clearing pointing out how much she loves her aged face and welcomes each year with open arms, as it liberates her spirit and leaves her with experiences and knowledge. Talking about her body, she notes that the signs of aging are there but she feels though thankful for a body that still grants her the freedom to experience life. She has lived her life, given birth, breast-fed two babies. She feels so proud telIing me the story of how she stored 25 kg on her very petite frame with each pregnancy and lost the weight with patience, some healthy food and a daily yoga practice.

She is definitely a woman that loves her strength, stamina and resilience of her body. She embraces her scars, her imbalances, her freckles and her moles.
She is feeling flawed and imperfect. And for sure all natural. And she wants a breast augmentation.

„I am all natural, with breast implants.“

Already convinced for her decision, the consultation is easy and the procedure is scheduled soon enough. As it always happens to a woman that has prepared herself for a breast augmentation, the recovery time is short and her body is fit again in already 2 weeks. During the month control, she enters my office glowing, feeling happy and for sure accepting her breast implants as a part of her body.

She feels the need to tell me about most people of her environment being shocked when they found out. She listened to the judgments and snide remarks as a woman walks by with obvious enhancements.

“That is so gross. That is so unnatural. Why would anyone do that to themselves?”

Yes, the woman who was always helping others accept who they are on the inside and embrace their outside, has had a breastaugmentation.

Some called her a busty oxymoron or a hypocrite: She is not. She made a decision that she knew she would boost her self-confidence and never regretted it. She made a choice to have implants and she is still secure and content with her decision.

On that first day in my practice, she approached me from a place of pragmatism and maturity. She was very confident about her body, but yet when she was looking in the mirror, what she was seeing, did not match what she felt in her heart. She used to see a skinny, boyish figure on the outside but felt like a powerful, sensual, curvaceous, sexy woman on the inside. She yearned for her eyes and heart to unite, so the idea of adding a little curve, a little substance to her figure felt right.

I knew she did not want her breasts to be her trademark, she wanted them to blend in with the landscape of her body. I told her, I was able to help her becoming even more confident and I did.

Are Scars worth it?

I explained to her from the beginning, that very operation means a scar. A breast augmentation would leave a scar, even if almost invisible after 3 months, on her untouched body.She didn’t mind. She pointed out that every moment of life lived, leaves us with a scar whether in our minds or on our bodies. A scar is a reminder and souvenir of the choices we have made on our path.
I can not agree more. I also think scars are beautiful. We are meant to get cut, scraped and worn from our years of living.

A scar may come in the form of a memory, a scar on our skin, a tattoo, a relationship, a possession, an operation or anything else that leaves a trail or a mark of how we have lived and the choices we make along the way. Her breast implants are two scars from a period in her life, and for that, she honours her choice completely.

I am not insinuating everyone should alter their body because they don’t like how they look. It is critical to understand the positive and negative effects of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic alterations become destructive to our identity and well-being when they are founded on emptiness and honoured as fulfilment.

If a woman who is kind, generous, accepting of herself, her life and the people around her has breast implants, then the implants are only breast implants. If another woman has the same procedure, but she is unfulfilled with herself, her life and the people in it, the breast augmentation is detrimental to her well-being. She is depending on the physical change to bring her happiness.

Our body belongs to us.

We are gifted with the body we have in order to live our lives. We have free will to do with it what we want. We have a choice to take care of it, hurt it, neglect it, honor it, fix it, not fix it, renovate it or keep it the same just as we would our home. Just like any home, it isn’t the home that makes the owner happy, it is the owner that makes the home happy. My body is my home, a loving home.

I, personally, honour and love my body for allowing me to live and function healthfully in this world, but it does not define me. Having small breasts or implants does not determine my worth as a person.

I know my happiness is not contingent on the size of my breasts, but I do smile when I look in the mirror. I smile because my body is covered with scars of a life lived. I smile because I can still see stretch marks from my pregnancy. I smile because my breasts remind me of how far I’ve come – how I grew from a flat chested spirit to a voluptuous one.

Not to mention, I love my curves.

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