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Navigating the Decision: Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Kelly Vasileiadou
11. June 2024
Volume, fullness, defined shape: Breast augmentation can make you happy (again). But the decision needs to be carefully considered: In this guide, I explain what you should thoroughly think about before you make the decision for or against the procedure.

Breast augmentation can increase and enhance the volume and size of the female breasts. This gives your bosom more fullness and definition. This type of procedure is performed in a specialist practice for aesthetic medicine – as is the case with Dr. Kelly in Zug.

As a surgeon, I either insert breast implants or augment the breast with the patient’s own fat. During that procedure the breasts can also be lifted at the same time. However, many of my patients are not really sure at the beginning whether they should really have a breast augmentation – and which method is right for them.

In this article, I will therefore focus on the decision-making process and highlight all aspects and considerations that may play a role in connection with breast augmentation. With my expertise as a board certified surgeon and as a specialist in aesthetic breast surgery, I hope you will find it a little easier to make an informed decision!

The reasons: Why have a breast augmentation at all?

Without question, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is an extremely personal one. Women who think about taking this step usually have very different motivations: some have psychological reasons, others physical ones. Still others feel compelled to do so for social reasons.

This is also consistent with my experience in my practice: my patients usually opt for breast augmentation for very different reasons. Some of these are of a physical nature: in some cases the breast lost volume and shape due to drastic weight loss. Breast augmentation then helps them to regain their original fullness. Many women also struggle with thinning, sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women also have a natural asymmetry or other deformities that they would like to compensate for with a breast augmentation.

In any case, breast augmentation is in most cases closely linked to a woman’s own body image and personal self-confidence. There is no doubt that social ideals of beauty sometimes put pressure on many women. However, my experience shows that the decision to undergo breast augmentation and the actual procedure usually lead to increased self-esteem and life satisfaction for my patients.

Consider medical aspects, risks and post-operative care

There are a number of aspects surrounding breast augmentation surgery that every patient should be aware of before making their decision. Firstly, there is the question of the surgical method: should it be a breast augmentation with implants? And which material should be used? Silicone or saline implants? Or should it ultimately be an autologous fat treatment?

Dr. Kelly’s team will also inform you in detail about possible risks and complications such as infections, scarring or capsular fibrosis in advance. However, most of these undesirable consequences can be avoided with an appropriate recovery period and good post-operative care. The healing process is individual, and full weight-bearing capacity is usually restored after four to six weeks. In the case of breast augmentation with implants, the breast implants must first subside after surgery.

As a board certified surgeon and specialist in aesthetic breast surgery in Switzerland, it is very important to me that my patients have realistic expectations about the procedure and understand that their body needs time to recover afterward.

Questioning yourself, asking friends for advice

Before I perform a breast augmentation in Switzerland on my patients, I check in a preliminary consultation whether they have sufficiently reflected on their motives and expectations. If you are still unsure: take a deep look inside yourself and question your own motives. What do you hope to achieve with breast augmentation? And are you already aware of which goals can be achieved through the procedure – and which cannot?

I therefore like to advise my patients to talk to friends and family beforehand and to get other opinions in this way. This often provides valuable insights and further support.

Costs, financing and selecting your specialist

The cost of breast augmentation is not easy to bear for every patient. Financing must therefore be well planned. At Dr. Kelly, we will be happy to advise you on the available financing options in our practice.

But how do you choose the right surgeon? Basically, the qualifications and experience of the surgeon are decisive. Certificates and specializations can provide you with information about that. For me personally, it is always particularly important to have a detailed consultation with my patients beforehand: This is where you can ask all your questions and build trust. Exchanging experiences with other patients who have already undergone breast augmentation has also proven to be very beneficial.

What other alternatives to breast augmentation do I have?

Of course, there are some alternatives to traditional breast augmentation: non-surgical options include wearing bras with push-up effect or clothing with appropriate padding. Your breasts can then appear fuller while surgery can be avoided.

Another alternative approach is psychological “inner work” on your own self-confidence. Conversations, journaling or possibly therapy can help you to strengthen your confidence and build up more self-acceptance and self-love – regardless of physical circumstances or changes.

Choosing the method: Implants or autologous fat?

Once the decision in favour of breast augmentation has finally been made, many patients are then faced with the question of which method is right for them:

  • In the more gentle procedure of breast augmentation with fat transfer, fatty tissue is suctioned from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injected into the breasts. The advantage here is that no foreign material enters the body. With this method, you can improve both the volume and shape of your breasts.
  • Breast augmentation using breast implants is less natural, but just as proven and successful.

Thorough research for an informed decision

You should think carefully about the decision for or against breast augmentation so that you are satisfied with the changes in the long term. Reflect on your individual motives and talk to experts such as the team at Dr Kelly. In the end, however, you make the decision yourself.

Incidentally, the results of breast augmentation surgery will be all the more beautiful and long-lasting if you maintain a healthy lifestyle overall, follow post-operative care meticulously and refrain from strenuous activities and sport in the first few weeks after the procedure.

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