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Should I wait until I have children to have a breast augmentation?

Kelly Vasileiadou
27. June 2022
brustvergroesserung stillen
The decision for breast augmentation is a very personal decision that only you can make for myself. It’s about what you want and your quality of life. There is no perfect time for breast augmentation.

Many women wait until they plan to stop having children and stop breastfeeding to take the plunge. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait. I know women who have had breast augmentation after having a few children, knowing that they may want to have another child later. That should be entirely up to you. But there are a few things you should consider, and I can give you some good advice on this.

Breast augmentation before having children

Some women have their breasts enlarged before the birth of a child and are very satisfied with the
very satisfied with the result. It simply depends on your individual anatomy. It is completely safe to have implants placed before pregnancy, and breastfeeding is also perfectly safe. Your implants will not harm your baby in any way. Breast implants do not affect your fertility, do not increase the risk of miscarriage, and do not make it difficult to conceive a child. Breast implants do not affect your baby’s health. Again, studies based on the experiences of thousands of women show that there is no increased risk of any type of birth defect associated with silicone breast implants.

Breast augmentation and breastfeeding

I often hear the question “Can I breastfeed with breast implants?”. Some women do have difficulty, but the vast majority will find that implants do not affect their ability to breastfeed. This is because implants are placed under the mammary gland so they do not interrupt the milk ducts. That is, placing implants under the breast or through the armpit, should not affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. However, if the implants are placed through the nipple and areola, the milk ducts may be damaged, resulting in a decrease in the amount of milk.

Change of breast shape during pregnancy

It is difficult to predict how pregnancy and breastfeeding will affect each woman’s implants. In some women, the shape or size changes enormously, while in others there is almost no difference (the latter is very rare). In women with smaller bust sizes, the changes may be less. Genetics also play a role – depending on what your mother experienced, you may be able to predict the changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding. But think of it this way: many women without implants have changes in their breasts after giving birth. Many of these women eventually decide to have a breast lift or tightening with implants. 

In mothers with implants, “breast ptosis” (sagging breasts) may be less noticeable than in
mothers with natural breasts, but breast augmentation does not prevent the stretching effect that pregnancy has on breast tissue. To reduce sagging of the breast implants after pregnancy, some women opt for breast reduction or larger implants to fill in the sagging breast tissue.

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Breast augmentation after child birth

Pregnancy changes the body and many women report larger breasts during pregnancy, which may return after breastfeeding. As a result, sagging may occur when the breasts return to their pre-pregnancy size. Therefore, more and more mothers are considering breast augmentation after breastfeeding. Breast rejuvenation after breastfeeding is usually done in two different ways. Some women choose to reshape their natural breasts. This is called a “mastopexy” or breast lift. In this procedure, excess skin is removed and the breast tissue is tightened.

Other women opt for breast implants after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is usually done to fill in sagging breast tissue. Women with existing implants may opt for a breast lift or have completely new implants placed. While there is no evidence that breast implants change after breastfeeding, some women opt for larger implants to improve the shape of the breasts due to the resulting changes in skin tissue.

Women often come to me asking how long they should wait to have breast augmentation after breastfeeding. In order to achieve natural looking, long lasting results, I advise my patients to wait between six and twelve months after breastfeeding before having a breast lift or breast augmentation. It is also advisable to complete your family planning before undergoing breast augmentation or rejuvenation. This is because with each pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, the skin is likely to stretch, undoing the results you have invested in. Careful follow-up is required after any type of breast surgery to ensure optimal results.

Regardless of which route you take, it is important that the decision to have a breast augmentation feels right for you. As in most cases, there is no magic formula that I can advise you to follow. What I can offer is to listen to your story and try to find the right path for you. Then I’ll be happy to go all the way with you.

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