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Silicone implants – 12 important points you should definitely know

Kelly Vasileiadou
11. August 2021
When I was a teenager, breast augmentations with implants were massive: literally and figuratively. In the early 1990s, enlarged breasts and the surgery itself were big news.

The goal for most was simple: size. The most important thing was to add volume to the breast. The last 20 years have seen the rise and fall of stunning breast augmentations.

Women today want it natural, but versatile. And that works 100 % if you choose the right implant and the surgeon has the right knowledge.

When it comes to breast augmentation, choosing the right silicone implants is enormously important. Whether it’s size, shape, manufacturer, consistency, surface finish or cost, before you decide to have surgery with silicone implants, there is some information you should definitely know.

What is the structure of a silicone implant?

The typical silicone implants consist of a shell filled with simple silicone gel or with dimensionally stable, cohesive silicone gel. However, a breast implant can also be filled with a saline solution. However, it is not only the different filling materials that are differentiated, the shell can also be differentiated with regard to the surface. So, the shell of silicone implants can be either textured or smooth. Each version has advantages and disadvantages. Get detailed advice about the different options so that you can choose the most suitable silicone implants.

What are the properties of silicone?

The material used for silicone implants is called silicone. It is a robust and elastic material, which is made from silicon. Silicone is also often used in creams or lotions, for example. Medical products made of silicone are even used for artificial joints or heart valves, which is partly due to the good compatibility in the body. Nowadays, we use the 6th generation of silicone implants, which are much more compatible with the body than the earlier implants.

What is special about a modern silicone implant?

Modern silicone implants are characterized by a rough and textured surface. The rough surface has the advantage that the breast tissue can build up better around the implant. This is said to minimize the risk of capsular fibrosis. A multi-layered and tear-resistant finish also ensures better durability. However, a modern silicone implant is not only characterized by a robust surface; the contents of the implant must also be taken into account. The following types of gel are often offered: Responsive Gel (soft cohesive gel), Soft-Touch Gel (slightly firmer cohesive gel), Cohesive Gel (strong cohesive gel) and Firm Cohesive Gel (very strong special cohesive gel).

How safe are silicone implants?

Clinical and laboratory studies have confirmed that silicone has no negative effects on the human body. Many patients were also concerned with the question of whether the ability to breastfeed is affected with a silicone implant. With the right surgical technique, breastfeeding ability is not affected at all after breast surgery.

Individual results with different silicone implants

Basically, breast implants are divided into anatomical and round variants. While the anatomical variants are based on the natural shape of the breast, round implants tend to provide a better tightening of the breast. With the right choice of implants, it is possible today to achieve a very natural result with both, round or anatomical implants.

The insertion of the silicone implants

The silicone implants can be inserted in different ways. However, the anatomy of the patient or previous breast operations are the main factors that determine the method of insertion. After a thorough preliminary examination, the doctor decides which method of intervention is most suitable. I work mostly with the dual plane technique, which I see as having the greatest advantages. Especially in terms of naturalness.

The individual wishes of the patients

It is important that the size of a silicone implant fits the patient’s body and figure. In addition to the desired size and shape of the breasts, the way in which one would like to optimize the natural breast is of course also decisive. In order to positively influence the overall appearance, the width, height and projection of the breasts must also be taken into account. If you take enough time during the consultation, you can surely achieve a natural result.

When do silicone implants need to be renewed?

The new silicone implants are durable for a lifetime. If they need to be replaced due to implant-related complications, most manufacturers will cover the cost of the new implants.

An innovation in breast augmentation mesh

A relatively new innovation, the use of a biodegradable mesh, is helpful in breast lift, breast reduction and when using very large implants. It “trains” the breast to stay in place during healing and then dissolves into your own collagen.

A consultation with virtual reality

Nowadays, with the help of state-of-the-art software, it is possible to simulate the result even before the operation. Already with three photos of your breasts, it is possible to simulate the different implants.

Lighter implants

The latest generation of lightweight implants – called B-Lite – are 30 % lighter than traditional silicone, which means they slow down the fall over time. They also have fantastic benefits for women who use their upper body a lot when working out.

Implants with natural shape

The use of Motiva implants can also help to achieve an even more natural shape than the usual ones in some indications.

Every surgeon I know does more “revision work” these days than augmentations from initial surgeries. The fake look has gone out of fashion. However, creating the optimal natural look of the breast is not impossible. You just have to listen to the patient’s needs and wishes, study the case, plan and choose the right implant.

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