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Supersize me? Breast Augmentation Trends

Kelly Vasileiadou
18. April 2022
Is bigger always better? What are the latest trends in breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation with implants are more in demand than ever. In many countries they are still among the most performed cosmetic surgeries. They are the subject of reality shows, a recurring theme in celebrity culture and always good for circulation or ratings. However, as far as the size of the implants and the aesthetics of breasts are concerned, the trends have changed over the last few years and we are in a new, natural era of breast augmentation.

Changing aesthetics
Implants on a big scale
New natural looks

So in terms of breast size, we’re seeing a trend away from large, volume-oriented surgeries, towards more personalization and individual options. Whereas a few years ago for patients it was all about looking as big and concise as possible, a few years ago the trend developed towards natural-looking results. When patients address me today, they are most concerned with personalization and a look that is proportional and accentuates their figure. Requests for very large breast augmentations are very
very rare.

Changing Aesthetics

The first breast augmentations with silicone implants took place in the early 1960s. At that time, the time was ripe for a new look. Playboy magazine came on the market in the 1950s, women with voluptuous curves shaped the ideal of female beauty, and in the fashion world couture houses started a trend towards slim waistlines with their creations. Silicone implants then gained great importance in cosmetic surgery. By the 90s, breast augmentation became the most sought-after cosmetic surgery worldwide. The aesthetics was determined by ever larger implants and looks like that of e.g.


In the 90s, however, the complications with silicone implants also increased and a ban followed until the middle of the 2000s (implants with saline solutions were still allowed). Then, however, the new generation implants came on the market, and this brought breast augmentation on a new trajectory. From that moment on, breast augmentation was seen almost everywhere: on celebrities, your neighbor, in men’s magazines and on TV. 

Implants go big

What made them literally stand out was their volume. The circular implants of the 2000s, sitting high on the chest, were intentionally obvious and coveted precisely because of their gravity-defying appearance. They were also an expression of a new gender role. In a way, it was about showing how powerful you were. It was also about reclaiming women’s sexuality. In cosmetic surgery, this meant that there was a surge in demand for surgeries that emphasized the parts of the body that society already considered erotic – thighs, waist, breasts. Women wanted to own and show their femininity. Additionally, they wanted to show that they could afford to undergo surgery. A cosmetic surgery became a status symbol. At the same time, cosmetic surgery also evolved as a way to regain one’s self-esteem and open oneself up to a more confident life.

New natural looks

In recent years, however, this trend has changed. While breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic surgery, the approach of patients and surgeons changed. Unnaturally large fake breasts were no longer a sign of sexual liberation or individuality. They became synonymous with artificiality, exaggeration, and tastelessness. Most women did not want to be associated with them. Cosmetic surgery made great strides during this time in terms of surgical techniques, materials, and understanding of anatomy. Breast augmentation entered a time when finer techniques made the surgery itself safer, easier, and more relaxing for the patient.

During this time, the technique of lipofilling was also developed. Sometimes mistakenly called natural breast augmentation, it offered a new form of breast surgery. Instead of using implants for enlargement, liposuction was used to remove fat from the body and inject it into the breasts after a special preparation process. For many women, this technique opened up a new world, as they did not want to have foreign bodies in their bodies.

At the same time, there was also a change in the aesthetic needs of us women. Thus, a new trend started to take over the world of plastic surgery: The naturallooking bust, the natural-looking breast augmentation. The increasing popularity of a more athletic look – toned and slim – further promoted this trend. Today, an athletic look combined with feminine curves is the trend women are pursuing. Six-pack and curves become the new ideal.

Today’s breast augmentation should fit the body proportions and always emphasize that certain something of one’s individuality. We should be guided less by short-term trends and look more at our own personality. What we like is still very subjective and therefore not subject to convention. Rather, it is important for women to make their decision pro or contra with themselves and with no one else.

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