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The cosmetic treatments that are my preferred choice for the summer

Kelly Vasileiadou
1. August 2022
Kosmetische Behandlungen
The things we love about summer, sunshine and lazy days and being outdoor lead to some major seasonal drawbacks. These months are all about trying to avoid sun burns, heat rash, bug bites, melasma, and as we’re so often told, cosmetic treatments.

Wearing a sun serum and covering sensitive body parts from the sun are the best advice when it comes to having cosmetic treatments in the summer. This prevents your skin from forming pigmentation after a treatment. Every treatment that makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays and sunshine and result in hyperpigmentation should be avoided in the sunniest months from July to August. So what do we mean by that. It includes mostly intense laser and phototherapy treatments and, aggressive rejuvenating procedures, such as fractional laser, and treatments against pigmentation, such as IPL. Because after these treatments it is very important to avoid the sunlight very strictly. Pigmentation and age spots can re-appear. With too much sun exposure they can even increase in case your skin is exposed to the sun.

All that being said, this doesn’t mean you need to wait until fall to book your next appointment. Here are five treatments that are totally fine to do during the summer:

Chemical peelings
Cellulite treatments


Microneedling-Dermabrasion is a wonderful treatment even in the sunniest conditions. As the name suggests, very fine needles penetrate the skin through microscopic points and cause “damage” to the skin. By this the skin is initiating an increase in collagen production. A natural process is thereby accelerated which supports and betters the overall texture and appearance of the skin in the hot months. The sun and it’s UV rays are not reaching the deeper layers of the skin and, because it’s not a light- or heat-based treatment, the melanocytes, or pigment-creating cells, are not stimulated. In principle, you will not get a hyperpigmentation, which makes it a good cosmetic treatment for the months with higher sun exposure. It is also a great procedure that is safe and effective for all skin types.


Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF Microneedling) is a popular procedure that can safely and effectively target a variety of skin concerns. It combines the innovative Microneedling procedure with radiofrequency (RF) and takes skin rejuvenation to the next level. This treatment can deliver similar results to ablative laser methods, but with significantly less discomfort and downtime. Compared to fractional laser, RF Microneedling is suitable for almost any skin type and tone. The procedure treats fine lines and facial wrinkles, scarring from acne and chicken pox, mild to moderate skin laxity, and irregular skin texture. And it is a safe treatment for the summer months. You can go to the sun a day or two after but still have to apply a sun serum with a SPF +50.


Mesotherapy targets the mesoderm, i.e. the “middle layer” of the skin. A fine needle delivers hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients to deep skin, instantly creating deep hydration, nourishment, thinning wrinkles, tightening skin, improving hair quality and a healthy complexion.

In the dermis there are cells called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of specific structural skin proteins: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. These three substances are high molecular weight compounds that are intertwined in the form of protein chains, creating a network that we recognize as the dermis (mesoderm). Over time, these cells change, causing sagging, dryness and wrinkles on the skin. You are able to go into the sun after the treatment, but as always said about skin and sun exposure, try to limit it and apply sun serum generously.

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Chemical Peelings

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a skin peel, but don’t want downtime while your skin improves, you can do it now in the summer. Our medical chemical peels offer skin improvement for all types of skin conditions and problems, as well as for any area of the face or body, without a long healing time.

While chemical peels are completely safe for the summer, it’s vital to use proper sun protection. Because a chemical peel removes the top layers of skin and reveals fresh, youthful skin, it can be especially sensitive and more prone to sunburn. If you’re getting a chemical peel in the summer, be sure to use a powerful SPF at all times. This is something you should do anyway to protect your skin, but it becomes more important with the increased sensitivity of a chemical peel.

Cellulite treatments

For effectively fighting cellulite we must combine treatments so that fat cells, are dissolved by lipolysis, lymphatic drainage takes place and skin quality is strengthened. Especially in the summer months treatments like skin tightening and lymphatic drainage with high frequency, infrared light, and vacuum work perfectly with sun exposure. Combining these technologies allows for an increase in the metabolism of the fatty area, resulting in a circumference reduction on the target area and an overall smoother and tighter appearance to the skin. There is no downtime associated to this treatment. You can enjoy the improved quality of your skin right after while sun tanning.

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