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The Kelly Lift: Liquid Facelift 2.0. Because I’m a patient, too.

Kelly Vasileiadou
13. September 2022
We are all getting older. The aging process can lead to a loss of volume and sagging of the skin in the key areas of the mid and lower face. These are the areas of the face where the skin sags the most and leaves a tired impression. In the beginning of cosmetic surgery, the only way to tighten the face was with a surgical facelift. Today, this has changed. Today, the way I reverse the signs of ageing is different from 10 years ago. Instead of a massive procedure, I use small but regular sessions with my patients as part of a preventative approach. The development of the latest generation of dermafillers and biostimulators has supported my approach.

The Kelly lift is the latest non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation. It gives a natural result without the need for surgery. Without giving you a long recovery time. The Kelly Lift gives you a more youthful and revitalised appearance, making you look years younger. But what makes it so unique and tailor-made. Here I would like to give you an overview of the concept of the Liquid Facelift, the uniqueness of the Kelly Lift and what you can expect.

Treatment of 6 areas of the face

By now you are probably familiar with dermal fillers for sagging skin and wrinkles. Doctors have been using hyaluronic acid-based fillers for facial treatments for many years. Until recently, however, there were very few options that offered a holistic and reliable approach that approached a surgical facelift.

The Kelly Lift is a proprietary, non-surgical procedure that uses dermal fillers, biostimulators and Botox to rejuvenate and restore the overall facial appearance. In addition, the Kelly Lift is an excellent solution for improving contours. I strategically inject according to a scientific protocol to cover 6 areas of our face:

  1. Below the eyes
  2. Nose and mouth wrinkles
  3. Cheekbones
  4. Corner of the mouth
  5. Jaws
  6. Jaw line

By treating virtually all areas of the face, I can create a harmonious and balanced look. The result is a more youthful appearance that looks natural. I always treat the face as a whole. If you only treat one part of the face, there is always a risk that an area will look out of place. This can often happen with areas like the nose and mouth wrinkles (especially the nasolabial folds).

The Kelly Lift

Regardless of whether you are considering a surgical procedure or not. It is a fact that any facial treatment aimed at eliminating signs of ageing can be compared to a surgical facelift. In most cases, non-surgical treatments are inadequate for many reasons. I was not satisfied with these inadequacies and began to develop my own Kelly Lift protocol.

Based on the widely known concept of the Liquid facelift, I began to develop tailor-made solutions for my patients and myself. After all, I am a patient like you.

The Kelly Lift ensures that dermal fillers are injected exactly where they are needed most. By simultaneously restoring volume at these specific anchor points, your face receives a balanced lift. The result of this procedure is very natural and the results are immediately visible.

Liquid Facelift

The injection points I choose always follow a specific routine that I tailor to each individual face. Thus, I create a complete facelift without surgery.

The best non-surgical option

As I mentioned earlier, many non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures frankly cannot compete with either a holistic Liquid facelift or a surgical facelift.

Don’t get me wrong. Procedures such as skin resurfacing, chemical peels and RF microneedling all have their place in the cosmetic world, but if you are seeking comprehensive rejuvenation of significant magnitude, your only real option is a comprehensive non-surgical procedure such as the Kelly Lift.

If you have been toying with the idea of having fillers applied to various parts of your face, this treatment takes into account the entire face. This will give you the youthful appearance you desire. Instead of treating each area individually, you can take care of all areas with a Liquid Facelift.

Still undecided? Questions?

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No downtime

As with any filler treatment, there may be some bruising after the procedure. Even if they occur, many of my patients have been able to return to their social lives and commitments on the same day.

You will also receive a Dr. Kelly Vita Glow Hydration Sheet Mask for the time directly after the treatment. The unique formula of this fleece mask not only hydrates your skin, but also reduces puffiness and redness. Green tea extract combined with moringa is a powerful pairing that supports the effects after a Kelly Lift. It is important to wear a strong sunscreen and take measures to avoid damaging your facial skin.

Natural look

We are all concerned about one aspect when it comes to dermafillers: looking overly “done” or even bloated. In recent years, we’ve all seen examples of injectors being too unstructured and simply adding volume. The Kelly Lift takes these results out of the process. With my special injection protocol, I have found a step-by-step and holistic approach to a Liquid Facelift. I combine derma fillers, biostimulators and neuromodulators without overdoing any one agent.

The key is to improve, but not to exaggerate. I want to restore your face to the way it was before. And you don’t want to look “done” any more than I do.

But the priority is to achieve satisfying results that make people think, “Wow, you look great, how do you do it? People should notice, but not recognise.

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