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If only I knew…The not so obvious tip to recover after breast augmentation.

Kelly Vasileiadou
14. July 2022
I know how important it is to understand what to expect when recovering from breast augmentation surgery. In the end, I am a patient myself. It can be overwhelming to think about recovering from surgery and all the steps you’ll need to take. Conversely, it can be easy to simply focus on your results and gloss over the important recovery process.

For these reasons, it’s important to spend time learning about your recovery and the different phases that come in the weeks after breast augmentation. This not only allows you to properly plan your schedule, but also helps prevent surprises and unnecessary stress. Here’s what to know about your breast augmentation recovery timeline.

The not so obvious tip to recover faster

The results of breast augmentation can be life-changing, making you feel more confident, more self-assured, and more comfortable with your own body for years after the procedure. However you choose to surgically modify your breasts, one thing is certain: you want a smooth operation and an easy recovery.

One thing that I found very important in my experience is to accept that you had a surgical procedure. In my years as a physician seeing tens of thousands of patients, I have made an observation that I want to share with you. Healing is as much psychological and mental as it is physical. Adjust expectations as necessary. You may not heal as quickly as anticipated. You may be disappointed with one or more aspects of your result. Do not let negativity consume you. Restore normality in your life. I want a perfect result for you. Realize, however, that there is no perfection. Breast implants are not perfect devices. The human body was not designed to have implants behind the breast. Sometimes, events or situations happen before or after surgery that cause anxiety or depression.

Reach for support to your family and friends as appropriate. Be frank with me and the team about ongoing issues, and rest assured, I and we are absolutely committed to your safety, to your satisfaction, and to the best possible experience for you.

Breast augmentation recovery timeline

It can be helpful to know what to expect after your procedure, but it can be difficult to find specific information about the weeks and months after breast augmentation. The more you know about your recovery schedule, the more you can plan accordingly.

Take a look at our healing progression timeline showing you a typical breast augmentation healing process.

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The first days after the breast augmentation

After your surgery the nursing team will look after you until you feel fit to go home and after the doctor has officially released you from the dayclinic. Recovering in the privacy of your own home is something that helped me and my patients a lot. In the first days after the surgery your chest is still swollen from the procedure. This will go down in a short period of time.

Here are some typical observations and statuses that the first days after the breast augmentation will most probably look like:

  • Your implants look high and compressed, whilst the breasts are very firm and tight.
  • Nipples will most likely appear very low and may point downward.
  • There will be very little side rounding or bottom breast rounding.
  • This is typically the phase where breasts look like pecs. This means they are squared at the top, don’t show much outward projection, and have little to no fullness at the bottom.
  • Breastbone is swollen.
  • Breasts have mild to moderate bruising.
  • Asymmetry issues may be obvious, but this is normal due to different swelling in each breast.
  • It is necessary to wear the compression bra provided 24/7, except while showering.
  • You will get pain medication to reduce discomfort during this time.

During the first 3 to 5 days after breast augmentation, you’ll likely experience the most discomfort. This is the moment where you might also experience moments where you question if the surgery was worth it. Mostly, because you feel tired and the feeling of your “new” breasts feels somehow strange. Believe me, it was the same for me. But you will also see that very soon you will love your new body and your new breast.

What does the first month after breast augmentation look like?

After one week, the pain and discomfort have almost subsided completely. With your doctor’s approval, you may gradually resume your daily activities. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activities and wear your support bra for better cosmetic results after breast augmentation.

  • Your implants will still be high and compressed, but may have a little more projection.
  • Your breast tissue will still be firm and tight.
  • Your nipples will still appear low.
  • Breasts will have slightly more bottom rounding and still no side rounding.
  • Swelling on the breastbone should be mild or nonexistent.
  • Bruising will be mild or nonexistent.
  • Breasts will still resemble pecs more than natural breasts.
  • The breasts can still appear asymmetrical due to a different swelling.
  • You can begin sleeping flat on your back but not on your sides yet.
  • You may start feeling an itching or burning sensation – this is normal.
  • You may begin walking (even brisk walks) as early as a couple of days after surgery. Be sure to monitor for increased pain and swelling. If this happens, give yourself more time to heal and try again in a few days or so.

In the next few weeks, minimum breast soreness and swelling may still be present, but these will not cause significant discomfort. While you may feel that you almost recovered, caution is still needed with regards to heavy lifting and vigorous activities like running and performing high-intensity exercises. If you have a physically demanding job, you need to take a few days more off work to allow your breasts to heal.

From the moment you decide to have a breast augmentation with us to the moment that you see the final result close contact with your surgical nurses and your doctor is pivotal in every step of your journey.

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