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The optimized man

Kelly Vasileiadou
16. June 2022
For a long time, cosmetic surgery was something that often only women decided to do. In recent years, however, the number of men who have had minor or major procedures performed on them has increased.

Today’s man does not only do sports regularly to keep his body fit. More and more men are treating themselves to wellness treatments or opting for cosmetic surgery. In my practice, especially the demand for liposuction or eyelid lift for men has increased.

Martina Bortolani has written an article in the Luzerner Zeitung about why more and more men are opting for beauty treatments and which treatments are most in demand. You can read this article here.

I was interviewed and asked for my opinion on the topic.

“Compared to female patients, the number of male patients has developed overproportionately in recent years.”

In the Zug clinic for aesthetic surgery and medicine of Kelly Vasileiadou, the managing director Wolfgang Maier-Czepiczka confirms: “Compared to female patients, the number of male patients has developed overproportionately in recent years. Especially in the invasive area such as liposuctions or eyelid lifts, there is increased demand.” While the total number of treatments for men is still significantly lower than for women, he says.

«But the percentage is growing steadily. Many male patients compare it to their fitness routine. They come more often because they take greater care of their bodies.»

Original article from Lifestyle Magazine:

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