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The time of unrealistic promises is over

Kelly Vasileiadou
1. July 2018
The natural and personalized result is the new challenge in aesthetic medicine and surgery – this is how Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou puts it and supports this with professional expertise, individualized therapies and empathy in her practice in Cham.

Let’s talk about beauty: you come from Greece, the land of Aphrodite and Adonis. What does beauty mean to you?

Well, these are figures from mythology. They are gods that were born from people’s dreams. I wouldn’t recommend any woman to take divine beauty as a model. Much more important is the feeling of self, whether a woman feels comfortable in her body regardless of ideals – or not. For me, a person who fascinates is beautiful. Not because they are wrinkle-free, but because they emphasize their personality. For me, individuality and naturalness are always at the forefront.

But isn’t it true that the beauty industry today promises true miracles with its devices and ever new methods?

There is certainly a lot of eyewash sometimes. As a doctor, I am extremely realistic. I concentrate on what is feasible, not what is desirable. This is important to me and I am very honest with my patients. Of course, I can achieve a lot with small measures. I can slow down the biological clock in a targeted way, but I can’t turn it back. That’s why I recommend everyone who is interested in aesthetic medicine and procedures to consult a doctor when the signs of aging are still reversible. Only then will there be an intersection between the patient’s expectations and the possibilities of medicine.

What characterizes your approach?

We are all unique, both biologically and in terms of personality. And I want to optimize and bring out this uniqueness together with my patients. We all want a natural, good appearance. The process should be gentle and the result visible, but as unnoticeable as possible. Aesthetic medicine and surgery offer possibilities to fulfil this wish. However, it is also a very sensitive and complex subject. Using gentle methods, I can achieve optimal, beautiful results without major surgery. If necessary, I can also intervene surgically. In any case, I am interested in the natural, individualized result. Only then am I satisfied with my work.

And what makes your patients happy?

My holistic approach. I dedicate the necessary time to my patients and create a personalized plan that includes a combination of therapies. For a facelift, for example, I develop a program of injections, thread lifting, laser, IPI and radio frequency/microneedling therapies depending on the patient’s wishes and needs. If indicated, I also offer surgical facelifts. Minimally invasive or invasive – both options are available to me – that is the recipe for successful results.

That takes a lot of trust, doesn’t it? How do you manage that?

I’m not a doctor who hides behind her white coat. I always receive positive feedback for my trusting and open manner. And this is precisely the appeal of my work: together with me, patients find a better attitude to life and a fresh, healthy and attractive appearance. It is a gift to be able to accompany them on this path to their unique beauty.

About Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Specialist FMH for Surgery
Beauty is not perfection. Refining your face or body image to enhance or restore your natural beauty – that is my mission. Your trust commits me to providing you with excellent medicine and exceptional care. My team and I work tirelessly to satisfy you. That’s what I stand for with my name.

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