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These Are Must-Dos Before Any Injectables Appointment

Kelly Vasileiadou
29. August 2022
Botox & Filler
Prior to stepping into a doctor’s office – and even before scheduling an appointment – consider these specific and helpful tips from board-certified Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou who administers Botox and fillers as part of her everyday jobs.

Getting botox and fillers can be as simple as booking a date in the calendar. But the truth is: when planning for an injectables appointment, there are a range of things to consider, for the sake of your personal well-being, your safety, and (obviously) the best aesthetic results.

Be sure to keep these important points of advice in mind, so you can feel your best, look your best, and carry on with your life. From your social life to exercise and everything in between, here’s what to do – and what not to do – before receiving any injectables.

Relax & Trust

The key to each successful treatment and a great result is to trust sour doctor. Specialists like me know their game and have studied years for treating you individually You are my only concern in that moment and my heart goes into every patient’s goals. When you and the doctor meet eye to eye make yourself comfortable and relax. Before you start your treatment, the assistants and nurses will prepare you with all the necessary information and the pre-treatment routine. They are trained with the greatest care from my side to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Check your vitamins and your supplements

Take a look at your vitamins. If your multivitamin contains vitamin E, you should hold off on taking it until after your procedure. Many people aren’t aware of the supplements, such as fish oil, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and a few others, that thin your blood.

Booze = bruise

Avoid planning your best friend’s birthday rager for the night before your injection appointment. Get a good night’s rest. Drinking alcohol before your appointment increases the likelihood of bruising. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, causing them to expand and flow closer to the surface of the skin and be more susceptible to injury.

Hold off on excessive sport

Moderate exercise before a botox or filler appointment is absolutely fine, we all do know about the benefits for our health. Just go easy on excessive sports before a treatment. Don’t schedule yoga, Pilates, a long run, or a personal training session for the day before or after your filler or neuromodulator (Botox, Dysport) to prevent bruising, migration, or shorter or decreased results. Take a day rest after the treatment and put those legs up for a quieter day.

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Pose for a picture or make a video

Take a ‘before’ selfie of yourself at baseline – scowling, raising your brows and smiling – beforehand so you can really appreciate your results when the Botox kicks in.

Sometimes we forget the degree of wrinkling or even asymmetry we had before, and it’s great to have a comparison point. In our practice we do take professional pictrues before the treatment as well of course, the medical documentation requires that from us. But having a reminder on your phone of how nice the effect of botox or a facial contouring will look on your face is an everyday reminder, that you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself.

Keep it natural, kind of

Go into your appointment with the mind-set that less is more, when it comes to Botox injections. It is better to have a few lines but still maintain some normal facial expressions than to be completely smooth but have a frozen, artificial-looking face. In my opinion, when Botox is overdone, it actually makes the patient look not only odd but much older as well.

Know your goals, but let the expert do it

While it is very helpful to know what you want the doctor to change or accomplish for you, don’t tell them how to do it. So many patients come in and say, ‘I want Restylane for my lines,’ when it may not be the correct filler for what they want accomplished – or they point to lines in their cheeks and ask for Botox when only fillers will work. Know your goals, but let the doctor figure out how to get you there. This is not the place for micromanagement.

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