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What makes an eyelid lift so popular?

Kelly Vasileiadou
14. November 2022
Ob wir es wollen oder nicht: Wir sprechen mit unseren Augen sehr viel, ohne dass wir ein Wort sagen müssen. Sie helfen uns, Beziehungen aufzubauen, indem sie unsere wahren Emotionen und Gefühle offenbaren.

On the other hand, they can also betray us. How much stress we are under and how well (or badly) we slept the night before. we slept the night befor People also perceive us differently when we appear on a date with tired eyes, or we hide them behind sunglasses. And because we communicate so much non-verbal communication through our eyes, blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, is a very Eyelid Lift in plastic surgery is given so much importance. So what makes eyelid lift so popular?

I look so tired

I think the most common thing I hear my patients say is “my eyes make me look tired” or “I feel like I’m old”. look” or “I feel like I look old.” The words I hear most often I hear are: tired, droopy, and wrinkled.

A quality blepharoplasty can do much more than just lift your eyes. It can tighten wrinkled eyelids, remove excess skin, reduce the reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and, in some cases, even correct vision loss. Correct poor vision. During the next few lines, I will try to break down everything break down what is important for you to know if you are considering an eyelid surgery.

What do I want to achieve with an eyelid lift?

The goal of an eyelid lift is to remove all of the excess skin that has accumulated on the eye due to aging, gravity and loss of elasticity.

There are two types of blepharoplasties – one for the upper eyelid and one for the lower eyelid. Although the goals and healing process are similar, technically they are two completely different surgeries. However, many patients choose to have one upper and lower eyelid lift performed as part of the same procedure. Both procedures are usually performed under local anesthesia, which makes the recovery process a little easier.

I remove skin and fat during blepharoplasitk. And through the removal I tighten the I tighten the area around the eyes. Eyelid surgery itself, however, cannot correct dark circles under the eyes, because these are the result of a loss of volume. In such cases I treat my
I treat my patients with Dermafiller.

The trend toward younger patients

In the past, I have operated mostly on patients in their mid-40s, sometimes even until their mid-30s.

Lately, however, I have been seeing more and more patients in their 30s who want a permanent and preventive aesthetic treatment. This new generation of younger patients has heralded the advent of mini blepharoplasty. This means, That you do not have significant sagging or fat deposits on the eye. Therefore the surgical technique is different here, which requires a good study of the concern and anatomy. anatomy.

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The gentle operation

In general, an upper eyelid lift is a gentle surgery. It is not so painful, and the skin tightens in the fourth or fifth week. I observe it very often that we feel worse than we look after an eyelid lift. Problems like dry eyes or visual acuity are temporary. An excessive feeling of tension, as if as if the eyelid has been pulled too tight is not uncommon and will resolve itself in a short will resolve itself in a short time. What I like most about eyelid lift is that my patients look absolutely rejuvenated. patients look absolutely rejuvenated. The eye area responds so well to small changes that have a big effect.

Blepharoplasty and downtime

Advances in plastic surgery have resulted in reduced swelling and bruising, better scars and shorter downtime. Severe bruising are a thing of the past with blepharoplasty. After the procedure, our postop Nurses ensure that the eye area is continuously cooled. The freshly operated Eyelids are still swollen on the first day and this scares some patients. The eyesight is limited and this is disconcerting for all of us. Here it helps to be in a safe environment together with family or friends. The support in recovery is in my experience (and I mean experience on my own body and as a surgeon) something that is own body and as a surgeon) something that contributes greatly to the success of the surgery.

For me, eyelid lift is one of the most wonderful surgeries in cosmetic cosmetic surgery. Alert, fresh eyes are incredibly attractive and make you look younger and more
and more vital.

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