Appointments online

Book an initial consultation or a recurring treatment. I look forward to meeting you and am there for you when it comes to your personal wishes and questions. Individuality is my top priority when it comes to your beauty.


Booking a consultation

Reserve a personal and non-binding consultation here in our online appointment booking system. The first medical consultation is recommended before treatment in order to clarify your needs and treatment options and to set a budget.

The initial consultation is subject to a fee. Even if you do not book treatment with me afterwards, you will receive a medically sound consultation. After this conversation you will be able to take a lot of information with you, which will provide you with a valuable basis for the next steps.

On Fridays Dr. Kelly preforms surgery and hence no appointments can be booked online. In exceptional cases, we can arrange appointments for you. Please call the clinic team at +41 41 799 7000.

Direct booking for treatments

If you are already a patient of mine, or if you already know which therapy is suitable for you, you can reserve treatments directly via our online appointment booking system. You will immediately receive confirmation of your booking and our team awaits you in the clinic in Hünenberg See near Zug.

Upon receipt of your appointment request, you will immediately receive a definitive confirmation. Please note that in case of a last minute cancellation (less than 24h prior to the appointment) we will charge a 1 hour consultation fee.

How we handle your personal data

We take careful handling of your data and your privacy very seriously. Please note that our booking system is provided by our partner Calenso.

You will find here our privacy policy as well as the Calenso privacy policy. By using the system, you agree that your data may be processed by Calenso.

We will only store your personal data for as long as we consider it necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected. No data will be passed on or sold to third parties or companies without consent. All data is securely stored in a Swiss data centre.