Your unique beauty at the centre of my work - My understanding of medicine and aesthetics


Aphrodite and Adonis are figures from Greek mythology. My mission is not divine beauty, but an individual, natural, more beautiful self. My patients find a better attitude to life and a fresh, healthy and attractive appearance. It is a gift that I may accompany them on their way to unique beauty - as is the regular positive encouragement for my trusting and open manner.

Beauty is a welcome visitor

My specialty is to express your individuality and naturalness. As a specialist in aesthetic medicine and surgery, my aim is not to change the expression of your face and body image, but to refine it and to preserve its elegance. Not only I, but the whole Dr. Kelly Team in Zug works persistently hard to ensure optimal results for your well-being. Your natural beauty will be improved or restored. No matter what stage of your life you’re in. A person is attractive to me when he or she is fascinating. Not because she appears wrinkle-free, but because her personality presents itself in its best possible form. 

Dr. Kelly - A holistic approach combined with technology and flair

We all know: Aging cannot be eliminated. But I can slow it down, compensate for it or reverse the consequences. My training in the modern era of aesthetic surgery enabled me to learn and apply the latest techniques. Today I have further developed these methods and integrated them into my office in Zug.

Specialist for natural beauty

In recent years I have seen the pendulum swing from an overemphasized, artificial appearance to a balanced, natural trend. Most patients do not want to look like an idealized model for aesthetic medicine and surgery. They want to look like a better version of themselves.

To achieve this, I use an approach that combines small “optimizations” for a fresher look. Whether with Filler, a combination of Laser and Surgery or with newer techniques in my operating theatre in Zug: combining beauty and naturalness with means of aesthetic medicine is no longer just a dream, but now and today feasible.

Greece - The origin of medicine and aesthetics

My roots lie in Greece, the birthplace of medicine. Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a doctor.  Grown up in the land of art and culture, I very early acquired admiration for beauty and aesthetics.

This led to my interest in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, since they are a unit for me.
In my understanding, surgery should always produce an aesthetic result that reflects the harmony of human nature and the competence of the doctor.

From the White City to the shores of Lake Zug

Originally I am from Kavala, the capital of the province of Macedonia in Greece. With its ancient fortress, the oldest aqueduct in Greece and the amphitheatre-like old town, Kavala is considered by many to be the most beautiful city on the Greek mainland.

Some also call it the “white city”, as the many marble buildings shine in white when seamen enter the harbour.

Alexander the Great made his way from here to the Persian Empire and the Sub-Indian continent. A few years ago I was not quite so far drawn to Switzerland, to the beautiful canton of Zug, not far from Lake Zug. The cosmopolitan diversity of Canton Zug is also reflected in my work. In German, English, French and Greek we will personally be at your service at my office in Hünenberg See near Zug.

"I am the mother of a small daughter, have long working days and the same beauty concerns as every woman and every man who works hard and bears a lot of responsibility. That's why I appreciate my patients' questions and wishes, because they are mine."

Surgical experience from over 1000 operations

When I was a little girl, I only wanted to become a doctor. Since then I have pursued this wish without compromise, with great discipline and outstanding results.

My studies started in Greece, led me soon to Germany and finally to Switzerland. Here I worked for several years as a surgeon at the University Hospital in Basel. After intensive training in aesthetic surgery and medicine in well-known clinics in Miami and Singapore, I opened my office in Zug.

With my focus on aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery I stand for beauty and fresh appearance at any age. 

In over 2000 operations I was able to gain an enormous treasure of experience as a Swiss board certified surgeon (FMH). Today I am a specialist in aesthetic medicine and surgery and have written numerous scientific articles on the topics of surgery. With regular participation in international congresses and training courses, I am continuously expanding my know-how. 

Dr. Kelly Plastic Surgery

Your health in the first place

Today the focus is on improving your appearance. However, this is always closely linked to your health and well-being. Therefore, even “benign” interventions require well-founded medical knowledge. The structure of the skin, the tissue and the bones must be carefully examined. Because every body reacts differently. 

That’s why every new patient starts with a conversation in which we get to know each other. As a specialist in aesthetic medicine and surgery, I have to advise openly and honestly, because ultimately only what remains beautiful in the long run is good.

Your treatments - Personalized

Our medical and surgical office in Hünenberg See in Zug has a fully equipped operating theatre for surgery, recovery rooms and multiple treatment rooms with a variety of state-of-the-art Lasers and Radiofrequency medical devices for skin and vascular therapies.

Of course, I am also there for you and carry out all known therapies of wrinkle treatment, skin rejuvenation, hyperhidrosis and fat reduction. This includes Non-invasive facelift, Botulinum Toxin and Filler treatments, PDO-thread-lifting, RF-facial-lifting and Injection-lipolysis.

The latest laser technologies are used for skin rejuvenation, such as Fractional Laser resurfacing, Nd YAG, Diode and CO2 Laser, IPL, Mesotherapy and fractional RF Microneedling.

With my latest medical devices I also treat rosacea, spider veins, pigmentation, age spots, acne, stretch marks, scars and also offer the most effective tatoo and hair removal.

The accredited by the Swiss College of Surgeons (SGC) Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou specializes in a wide range of aesthetic treatments and operations. It seamlessly combines traditional surgical methods with the most modern, data-based technology. Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou is known for her warm demeanor, genuine friendliness and careful attention to detail. She understands the beauty problems we face and offers conservative, natural looking solutions.

Realizing very early her need to work in the healthcare system, Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou, MD graduated magna cum laude from the Alexander Technological College of Thessaloniki in Greece, where she finished a four-year education in the Faculty of Clinical Nursery.

Valedictorian of her class in Alexander Technological College, she enters the School of Medicine of the Faculty of Health Science of Aristotle’s University in Greece, one of the oldest und most-established Medical Schools in South Europe. Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou, MD was awarded three times for her academic and clinical excellence in medicine from the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece and received an Honour of Onassis Foundation for promoting medical research at an early age.

Loyal to her decision of becoming a surgeon, she started her training in Interbalkan European Medical Center, the biggest private Medical Institution of North Greece and Balkanian countries, followed by her residency in the Surgical Department of A.H.E.P.A. University Hospital of Thessaloniki in Greece. In her role as a Scientific Medical Assistant of the Department of Breast Surgery of A.H.E.P.A., Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou, MD lectured Surgery to the Aristotle’s University students and young residents of Surgery.

Following a further academic career, she joined a six-year Ph.D. scientific program in breast surgery, where she was researching a special complication of breast cancer surgery.
She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field of surgery and especially breast surgery, including recent publications in “Clinical Breast Cancer“, which awarded her with an Impact Factor of 32. She has won broad recognition for her research contributions, which is acknowledged with a Citation Index of 68 and is a regular speaker in Switzerland and internationally.

In her need to expand the spectrum of her medical knowledge, she joined a very demanding training program in plastic, aesthetic and breast surgery in Rotkreuzklinikum in Munich in Germany. She completed the last six years of her surgical training in the University Hospital of Basel and was board certified as a surgeon by the Swiss Association of Surgery.

Realizing the need for more medical information of the public, Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou, MD was actively participating in the activities of the association “LEAP OF LIFE” through the organization of scientific and social educational lectures on the prophylaxis of breast cancer, through clinical examination and breast palpation of patients and also through the education of self-breast palpation of the female population.

Today she is expanding her highly specialized medical information about Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery through numerous educational lectures and courses in Switzerland, Europe, North-America and Asia.

Dr. Kelly, Botox and Filler