The Dr. Kelly® team

As members of the Dr. Kelly® team, we believe that each and every one of our colleagues is part of the Dr. Kelly® mission. We believe that our lives are more fulfilling when we care for our patients personally and with complete dedication. You will find that the Dr. Kelly® family is made up of people from many different countries of origin, and we have different roles.

However, we all agree that we share the same passion for our patients and our work. We are diverse, warm and caring, but also sophisticated, dynamic and innovative. Learn more about the different personalities of the Dr. Kelly team

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Specialist FMH for Surgery
Beauty is not perfection. Refining your face or body image to enhance or restore your natural beauty – that is my mission. Your trust commits me to providing you with excellent medicine and exceptional care. My team and I work tirelessly to satisfy you. That’s what I stand for with my name.

Antonios Tsimponis

Board certified plastic surgeon in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Wolfgang Maier-Czepiczka

Founder and COO Dr. Kelly
Your satisfaction is our incentive. That’s what Dr. Kelly, our team and I work for every day, to provide you with exceptional results and medical excellence. Deeply ingrained in our entire team is the ethic of personalized service and excellence. Your trust is our greatest gift. We believe in the strength of the individual, which becomes even greater when working as a team. When you leave us satisfied after your surgery or treatment and return, it fills us with pride in Dr. Kelly and her performance.

Dr. Glykeria Paredes

With now more than 2 decades of experience as a senior anesthesiologist in various hospitals in Switzerland and abroad, I have joined Dr. Kelly’s team. To ask you comfort and safety during your surgery, in an intimate atmosphere, that is my mission. When I observe Dr. Kelly during a surgery, I admire your attention to detail and meticulousness.

Anja Ziegltrum

With more than 15 years of anesthesia experience, I will be by your side when you are in the experienced hands of Dr. Kelly. From the moment you decide to have surgery with Dr. Kelly, the anesthesia team will make sure we take care of every single detail. Your safety and comfort are most important to me during your procedure. I am impressed with Dr. Kelly’s focus on quality and results. I notice every day how much she cares about our patients.

Karina Wichert

My 3o years of professional experience as a surgical assistant and nurse anesthetist are a good companion when you confide in us. With us on the Dr. Kelly team, what impresses me is how much each colleague sees themselves as part of the Dr. Kelly mission. We care for you as our patients with complete dedication.

Beatrice Ferenczy

Nursing Specialist
As a trained MPA and nurse (HF), I have dedicated my entire professional life to medicine. Before, during and after your surgery, I will be by your side, guiding you on your journey to your indvidual, natural, more beautiful you. At Dr. Kelly we are passionate, dedicated, curious, creative and never let up.

Marija Nikolic

If you have a question or would like to make an appointment, I am your first point of contact. After my training in the pharmacy, I joined Dr. Kelly’s team. I am always thrilled when I see our patients glowing after a treatment. Seeing them happy again afterwards makes me shine.

Adelina Dalipi

Med. beautician
At Dr. Kelly, we offer medical results of lasting value with the most innovative methods. Through us, our patients find a better attitude towards life and a fresh, healthy and attractive appearance.

Marianthi Chantzopoulou

Med. cosmetics
Med. cosmetics is my passion. As a trained med cosmetician and Registered Nurse (RN) I am your contact for all questions of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments. Born and raised in Brisbane, “Down-Under” I have been in Switzerland for 2 years. With Dr. Kelly I share the same passion for the well-being of our patients and the maximum result.

Vivi Kacoliris

As a specialist in holistic nutrition counseling, I want to provide you with the tools, knowledge and guidance you need to live a healthier, more balanced and confident life. I will work with you to meet your specific needs. Aesthetic medicine and holistic nutrition together have so much power, you can fundamentally change your life. I share Dr. Kelly’s approach that sometimes less is more. Small, ongoing interventions that affect our behavior and appearance can have so much power.

Anna-Maria Egli

Cleaning management
I am the fairy godmother who makes sure you have a good time with us. Dr. Kelly not only cares for her patients with devotion, but also for us, her team. I always find an open ear and a good heart with her!

Tiffany Tamaronis

Reg Nurse HF
As a nurse HF, I accompany you before, during and after an operation in our house. When I see our patients for the first time after an operation and feel the gratitude for our care, I know that Dr Kelly is the right place for me. We care.

Ersida Neubrandt

OP Coordinator
With our White glove service, I am your first point of contact. I am there for you in all matters before your operation. After working at day clinics and hospitals in Germany, Dubai and Switzerland, I arrived in the beautiful canton of Zug with my family. As a patient and colleague, I know how dedicated Dr Kelly is to you.

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