Dr. Kelly Melting Hydrogel Eyepads
Eye pads with 24k gold

Dr. Kelly® Hydrogel Eyepads

Me, Myself and Eye: Dr. Kelly® Hydrogel Eyepads contain 24k gold and are a quick fix for tired eyes. Whether after a short night, before an important occasion or just to treat yourself. The eye pads with, among others, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, aloe vera, soothe the skin, hydrate it and make tired eyes disappear. Eye shadows are reduced and the skin gets a freshness kick for a more awake appearance.

  • Effect:

    • Fast remedy for tired eyes
    • Reduce dark circles
    • Reduce micro wrinkles
    • Reduce puffiness
  • Active Ingredients:

    • Hyaluron: Reduces wrinkles and hydrates the skin
    • Vitamin B3: Water retention in the skin, skin texture improvement
    • Aloe Vera: Hydration
    • Barley extract: antioxidants, hydration
    • Konjac root: skin cleansing, hydration
    • Panthenol: anti-inflammatory, hydration
  • How to use:

    • It is important that your eye area is dry and clean before use.
    • Carefully open the sachet at the corner. The pads are between two transparent sheets. Remove the first sheet and product. Place pads under eyes and press lightly. Remove after approx. 15 minutes exposure time.
    • In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
    • Extra tip: Before use, place in the refrigerator (20 minutes) for the extra freshness kick.
  • Price

    CHF 12.– (pce)

    CHF 30.– (3 pcs)

    CHF 50.– (5 pcs)

  • How do I get my Dr. Kelly® Skincare

    At the moment, you can only purchase our Dr. Kelly Skincare® at our practice. Call us, text us via WhatsApp or write an E-Mail and we will prepare your order for pickup. Soon you will find our complete range at www.drkelly.skin.

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