Dr. Kelly Melting Vita Glow Hydration
For healthy, refreshed skin – immediately visible and long-lasting

Dr. Kelly® Vita Glow Hydration Mask

Now it’s time to get in touch with the skin – the secret of our Hydration Mask. A sheet mask, or fleece mask, is a moist fleece soaked with active ingredients and serums. It is packed in a sachet and is simply applied to the cleansed face. During this time the skin is pampered with the concentrated active ingredients.

  • Effect

    • Instant beauty product when you want to look fresh and refreshed – with instant effect.
    • Especially suitable for mature, dehydrated and demanding skin.
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Vitalizes the body’s own skin stem cells
    • Strengthens blood vessels
    • Prevents irritation
    • Can be combined with any cosmetic treatment.
  • Active Ingredients

    • Moringa:

      • for deep skin cleansing

      • supports collagen production

      • helps with acne treatment and wound healing

      • provides an instant glow effect

      • supports wrinkle reduction

    • Green Tea Extract:

      • Skin soothing

      • Anti-inflammatory

      • Reduces redness

      • Reduces swelling

    • Nasturtium (Nasturtium):

      • Antioaxidation

      • Catches free radicals

      • Antibacterial action

  • How to use

    • The mask is packed in a sachet and is simply applied to the cleansed face.
    • For about 10 – 20 minutes (after treatments only 5 minutes)
    • Extra Tip: Keep in the refrigerator for freshness kick
  • Price

    CHF 12.– (pce), CHF 30.– (3 pcs), CHF 50.– (5 pcs)

  • How to get my Dr. Kelly® Skincare

    At the moment you can get our Dr. Kelly Skincare® only at our practice. Call us, text us via WhatsApp or write an E-Mail and we will prepare your order for pickup. Soon you will find our complete range at www.drkelly.skin

  • Our philosophy

    The product is our focus. We focus on

    • Ingredients
    • effects and
    • visible results

    Based on this philosophy, the formulas are developed: with highly effective anti-aging active ingredients, active complexes, plant extracts, vitamins, coenzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and precious plant oils.

    We say NO! to parabens, kerosenes, synthetic dyes, hormone-activating substances, animal testing, nanoparticles.

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