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Eyelid Correction for awake & fresh eyes

Our eyes are more than just for seeing, they communicate our feelings to others. Alert and friendly-looking eyes are the goal of eyelid lifting, which is one of the most common operations in aesthetic and plastic surgery. With little surgical effort, an enormous improvement in appearance can be achieved here. You look awake and fresh after the operation.

The treatment in brief

Dr Kelly Vasileiadou explains the eyelid lift in detail in the video.

Why you should have your eyelids tightened by Dr Kelly

  • Dr Kelly has specialised training in the anatomy and function of the eyelids. This enables her to deal particularly well with the many complexities of the eyelid area.
  • With more than 15,000 procedures under her belt, Dr Kelly is an experienced eyelid lift specialist.
  • Dr Kelly knows how to strike a balance between achieving a natural result and significantly improving your appearance.
  • The well-coordinated surgical and nursing team will take care of you personally and individually from the very first moment you come to us.

Why do many people feel uncomfortable with drooping eyelids, dark circles or bags under the eyes? Are you one of them?

Ask questions here about why women with drooping eyelids, dark circles or bags under the eyes might feel uncomfortable:

  1. You look tired even if you are not?
  2. Do you have bags or dark circles under your eyes?
  3. Your eyelid crease has disappeared and you have drooping eyelids?
  4. You no longer see as well as you used to?
  5. You suffer from allergies and your eyes are often red?
  6. You simply want to do something beautiful for yourself?
  7. You would like to improve your self-confidence?

If you answered “YES” to one or more questions, then we have the solution.

When is an eyelid lift not recommended?

Nochmal in Stichpunkte zusammengefasst:

  1. Wenn Sie unter einer neurologischen Blepharoptosis (hängende Lider) leiden.
  2. Wenn Sie unter neurologischen, oder entzündlichen Augenkrankheiten leiden?

Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob für Sie eine OP infrage kommt, dann nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf und wir beraten Sie gerne.

Incision on the upper eyelid. The scar runs in the fold of the eyelid after the eyelid surgery.

What methods does Dr Kelly use for the surgery?

I use a very gentle technique without haematoma and swelling in the post-operative period, special sutures and a special suturing technique for the best possible scar healing.

The upper eyelid lift to remove drooping eyelids

With a surgical correction of the upper eyelids – the upper eyelid lift – the face regains a friendly, fresh expression and drooping eyelids are a thing of the past.

“Whether as a main or complementary treatment, mesotherapy works on any skin at any age. It is the essential therapy you need for skin tightening.”

Dr. Kelly

The lower eyelid lift to remove bags and circles under the eyes

The lower eyelid lift – lower eyelid lift brings back your radiant look by removing the skin or fat from the lower eyelid.

What results can be achieved with an eyelid lift?

The results I can achieve with eyelid lift include:

  • Removal of loose, sagging skin for a fresher, more awake appearance.
  • An improved contour of the eyelids
  • Removal of bags and fat deposits that make your eyelids appear puffy

Eyelid lift costs

In meiner Praxis ist Ihr Wohlergehen und ein optimales Ergebnis unsere oberste Priorität. Jede Patientin und jeder Patient verfügt über eine Individualität, deren Bedürfnisse im Mittelpunkt meiner Behandlungen steht. Eine pauschale Nennung der Kosten ist somit nicht immer möglich. Bitte haben Sie daher Verständnis dafür, dass wir keine allgemein gültigen Preise für die Augenlidstraffung angeben können. Die Kosten jeder operativen Behandlung sind auch abhängig von der persönlichen Ausgangslage und Ihren Wünschen.
Sie interessieren sich für eine Augenlidstraffung und möchten mehr zu den Preisen erfahren?

Schreiben Sie uns eine Nachricht und vereinbaren Sie Ihr Beratungsgespräch! Nur im Rahmen einer ärztlichen Untersuchung können wir Ihnen einen auf Sie angepassten, persönlichen und verbindlichen Kostenvoranschlag machen!

Die Preise für eine Augenlidstraffung beginnen ab CHF 4,400.–. Ein konkretes, auf Sie individuell zugeschnittenes Angebot wird Ihnen nach einem persönlichen Beratungsgespräch mit klinischer Untersuchung erstellt.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kelly® today.

Before you decide on a treatment, you have the great opportunity for a personal consultation. Our goal is to care for you not only medically, but also from person to person.

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