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Otoplasty: An aesthetic surgery that will make you shine.

Otoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic-surgical treatments for protruding ears.

Otoplasty can help you avoid psychological stress or decreased self-confidence.

Treatment Overview

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou explains ear correction in detail in the video.

What is an otoplasty?

An Ear correction is performed to reshape the ears or move them to a more desirable position. Usually, otoplasty is performed to fix the ears closer to the head and to correct protruding ears (sail ears). The anatomy of the ears conveniently allow the incisions and future scarring to be hidden in inconspicuous places. Thus, they are not or hardly visible later.

How does the ear correction work?

Depending on the ear correction, different parts of one or both ears can be corrected and sometimes a single procedure can fix multiple problems.

During the outpatient surgery, I make an incision behind the ear to give me access to the cartilage. Once the incision is made, I recontour the ear cartilage while removing excess skin in the area. After I position the ear closer to the head, the surgical incision is closed with sutures, which are removed after about 1 week. However, I often use self-dissolving sutures that do not need to be removed. Depending on the exact cause of the deformity, there are different types of ear correction.

However, ear surgery should only be considered when the ear stops growing after the age of 7. Although surgery can take place at any time in life, childhood is considered the best time for it. Surgery is usually more successful in childhood. Additionally, ear correction can help an affected child avoid psychological distress or lowered self-esteem due to teasing and ridicule. However, the success rate of the surgery against protruding ears is still very high even in adult life.

Am I a candidate for an ear correction?

People born with natural ear defects opt for reconstructive ear surgery. Some congenital ear defects include what is known as cat ear, Cagot ear, scroll ear, cleft earlobe, lop ear, microtia, macrotia, or a narrowed ear. In adults, torn earlobes due to injury, trauma, or from wearing earrings that are far too heavy are also common reasons for otoplasty.

Is the scar visible after an otoplasty?

The scars on the ears tend to heal very well and are usually hidden behind the ear depending on the technique. Thus, saddle ears are permanently repaired.

Incision and repositioning of protruding ears.

What is the postoperative period of an ear correction like?

A head bandage must be worn for the first 5 days, after which it is removed. You should then wear a bandage or headband at night for another 6 weeks, which will protect your ears from any movement during sleep. One week after the ear surgery, most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided and you will be able to carefully resume everyday activities. A new ear hole for earrings can be pierced as early as 6 weeks after ear surgery.

“An otoplasty is frequently performed by me on young adults and helps regain self-confidence.”

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Otoplasty cost

In my practice, your well-being and an optimal result is our top priority. Each patient has an individuality whose needs are the focus of my treatments. Therefore, it is not always possible to give a general estimate of the costs. Therefore, please understand that we cannot give generally valid prices for ear correction. The costs of each surgical treatment also depend on your personal initial situation and your wishes.

Are you interested in an ear correction and would like to know more about the prices? Write us a message and arrange your consultation! Only in the course of a medical examination can we provide you with a personal and binding cost estimate tailored to you!

The prices for an otoplasty start from CHF 5’500. A specific offer tailored to your individual needs will be provided after a personal consultation with clinical examination.

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