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Radiesse® – The Biostimulator for natural results

Healthy young skin contains collagen, which gives it volume, flexibility and firmness. Radiesse gives her collagen back – through natural biostimulation. As part of the aging process, the skin’s natural collagen breaks down, resulting in a loss of volume and elasticity of the face. The result is wrinkles, expression lines and sagging skin that rob the skin of its youthful appearance.

For this reason, skin biostimulation is the be-all and end-all of anti-aging treatment.

Treatment overview

  • Duration of procedure

    30 – 45 min

  • Downtime:


  • Longevity:

    12 – 18 months

  • Cost:

    from CHF 1’500.– 

  • Financing:

    We do offer individual financing options with our partner PLIM. Please ask our staff for your personal quote

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a natural calcium-based filler (CaHA).

It contains microscopic particles that stimulate the production of new collagen in the injected area. These particles are called microspheres.

At the same time, they provide more firmness, structure and volume. Radiesse is injected deep into the skin and triggers an immune response that stimulates the production of new collagen. This results in the tightening of contours and the improvement of deep wrinkles.

Radiesse can be used both as a volumizing filler and as a biostimulator, depending on how we dilute the product and where we inject it.

    How is it performed?

    Radiesse can be used both as a volumizing filler and as a biostimulator, depending on the effect I want to achieve.

    It is injected into strategic points like other hyaluronic fillers. I use a blunt, atraumatic cannula to avoid bruising.

    The Radiesse treatment achieves 

    • immediate volume lifting
    • Contouring
    • Collagen stimulation

    Radiesse contains lidocaine, an anesthetic that significantly reduces pain during treatment and in the first few hours after treatment.

    How it works

    After injection, Radiesse provides immediate volume and correction.

    It also continues to work by stimulating the skin to produce its own natural collagen. Newly formed collagen surrounds the microspheres after only 4 weeks. The microspheres are eventually broken down by the body’s normal processes.

    The newly formed collagen, however, provides a long-term effect that can last a year or more in many patients.

    “Radiesse is one of my favorites! Because biostimulation is the future of aesthetic medicine.”

    Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou


    Radiesse has long been used in its purest form as a dermal filler. As a filler, it can temporarily add volume to smooth moderate and deep facial wrinkles.

    It has an immediate lifting and tightening effect on the skin.

    After the injection, Radiesse directly provides volume and tightening due to the calcium-based microspheres and gel that make up the product. Thus, it reduces the signs of skin aging. Both the gel and the microspheres are completely broken down by the body over time.

    Collagen stimulation

    The unique formula of Radiesse and the strength of this product is that it stimulates the natural production of new collagen. Thanks to this method of wrinkle correction, Radiesse is becoming more and more the preferred injectable filler.

    When Radiesse is over-diluted with saline (NACL) and lidocaine, the injections act as a biostimulant. My Dr. Kelly’s NXT Gen Liquid Facelift is also based on Radiesse, as it serves to improve the skin’s appearance in addition to the lifting effect.

    What is Biostimulation?

    Biostimulation is a process in which cells regenerate themselves and older skin cells are replaced by new, fresh cells.

    Nowadays I focus more and more on regenerative medicine. These are procedures that allow our skin to truly regenerate and be reborn. Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid still play an important role in our fight against skin aging.  But, biostimulation should not be missing in their better aging program.

    One incredible biostimulator is Radiesse. Radiesse stimulates the skin’s collagen production to restore skin volume, smooth wrinkles and improve long-term skin quality. This creates a smooth, natural look.


    The results of Radiesse treatment leave you with smoother, firmer skin. The production of collagen and elastin starts quickly, even a month after the injection. This means that you can see their treatment results immediately. You can see them improve after a few weeks.

    Where is Radiesse used?

    This treatment is ideal for a number of areas that need skin regeneration, such as. 

    • Hands
    • Neck
    • Décolleté
    • Arms
    • buttocks
    • Knees
    • Abdomen

    Due to its skin stimulating effect, I use Radiesse in all cases where I want to improve and skin quality, such as stretch marks, skin sagging.

    Along with Velashape, it is one of my most important treatments against cellulite.

    Radiesse treatment switzerland Dr. Kelly
    Radiesse for collagen production and skin tightening

    Why Radiesse?

    Radiesse is ideal for you if you want to achieve natural results and long-lasting effects. You should also include it into your treatment routine, as it works preventively and regeneratively.

    Radiesse instantly replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen

    Over time, the gel is absorbed and the body breaks down the CaHA microspheres, leaving only your own natural collagen. Radiesse has been clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients. I have exclusively satisfied patients with Radiesse treatment.

    How long will my results last?

    The results of Radiesse treatment last up to one year or longer, and the number of treatments required depends on the individual degree of structural loss. 

    After about 12 months, the effects of Radiesse wear off and a repeat treatment is appropriate. 

    However, many patients find that less material is usually needed over time as more collagen is produced by this filler.

    Radiesse Cost

    In my practice, your well-being and an optimal result is our top priority. Each patient has an individuality whose needs are the focus of my treatments. Therefore, it is not always possible to give a general estimate of the costs. Therefore, please understand that we cannot quote a generally valid price for a Radiesse treatment. The cost of each treatment also depends on your personal starting point and your wishes.

    Are you interested in a Radiesse treatment and would like to know more about the prices?

    Write us a message and arrange your consultation. Only in the context of a medical examination can we give you a personal and binding estimate that is tailored to you!

    The prices for a Radiesse treatment start from CHF 1,500. A specific, customized offer will be made to you after a personal consultation with clinical examination.

    Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kelly® today.

    Before you decide on a treatment, you have the great opportunity for a personal consultation. Our goal is to care for you not only medically, but also from person to person.

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