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Carbon Laser Peeling – the revolutionary laser treatment against blemished skin

Carbon laser peeling is an excellent way to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It provides an instant, refreshed look and makes the skin look softer, smoother and firmer.

Treatment Overview

What is the Carbon Laser treatment?

The Carbon Laser Peel, also known as the “China Doll Peel” (named after its porcelain doll like finish on the skin), is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that uses focused laser beams to treat skin imperfections. The Carbon Laser treatment balances the skin’s appearance and provides a fresh and even glow. As the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of uneven patches and pigment is visibly clearer and more even in texture.
Carbon Laser treatment also targets the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. This produces firmer, plumper skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin and deeply cleanses it.

Carbon has the ability to absorb oil and impurities deep within the pores. When the laser is passed over the treatment area, it targets and destroys the carbon particles, taking absorbed material with it.

How does the carbon laser treatment work?

Carbon Laser Peeling involves applying a thin layer of carbon to the surface of the skin, where it penetrates deep into the pores. Once it is evenly distributed, a focused laser beam is emitted for a precise and targeted area. The carbon particles actively absorb the light before a vacuum suction gently removes you along with damaged cells, impurities and oil in the upper layers of the skin.

The simultaneous generation of heat energy stimulates the synthesis of fresh collagen and the promotion of healthy-looking skin. Skin texture is visibly strengthened and even opened pores are cleansed.
The heat generated by carbon peelings has two additional benefits. It reduces the P.Acnes bacteria responsible for acne, allows for better management of pimples and breakouts, and shrinks sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands), resulting in less oil production, thus reducing the buildup of dust in pores. Treatments can be performed on any part of the body, including the back and chest. 

Carbon laser treatment on the face
Carbon laser treatment on the face

Is there any downtime after carbon laser treatment?

There is no downtime after a carbon laser peeling and results can even appear after one session. Depending on your skin condition and desired results, one treatment cycle is recommended.

How often and how many Carbon Laser Peel treatments do I need?

In my practice I recommend repeating the laser treatment with an interval of 2-3 weeks. This period allows the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the skin tissue. The effectiveness of laser treatment is determined for the individual, but a course of 2-6 treatments gives better results.

Are there any side effects with carbon laser treatment?

There are no side effects, the skin looks radiant just a few hours after carbon laser therapy. 

As the carbon is targeted by the laser, dead skin cells and blackheads are killed and the skin is effectively exfoliated. The result is softer, radiant skin with reduced pore size and a more even skin tone.

“Carbon laser therapy brings long-lasting resultsagainst blemished skin, without pain or redness.”

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Is the carbon laser treatment painful?

There is no pain with carbon laser therapy. During the procedure, there may be slight tingling and warmth on the skin, similar to IPL treatment. This is normal while the laser is removing the thin carbon layer. 

Treatments can be performed approximately 3-4 weeks apart.

Carbon Laser Treatment Cost

In my practice, your well-being and an optimal result is our top priority. Each patient has an individuality whose needs are the focus of my treatments. Therefore, it is not always possible to give a general estimate of the costs. Therefore, please understand that we cannot give a general price for carbon laser treatment. The cost of each treatment also depends on the personal starting situation and your wishes.
Are you interested in carbon laser treatment and would like to know more about the prices? Write us a message and make your appointment! Only in the course of a medical examination can we provide you with a personal and binding cost estimate tailored to your needs!

Prices for carbon laser treatment start from CHF 300.- A specific, customized offer will be provided to you after a personal consultation with clinical examination.

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