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Mesotherapy in Zug – a treatment that makes any skin younger

With the mesotherapy treatment I go against the effects of time and environment to create again a fresh and radiant appearance. The tightening of the skin can be seen and felt immediately.

Treatment Overview

What is a meso­therapy?

Mesotherapy targets the mesoderm, i.e. the “middle layer” of the skin.

A fine needle delivers hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients to deep skin, instantly creating deep hydration, nourishment, thinning wrinkles, tightening skin, improving hair quality and a healthy complexion.

In the dermis there are cells called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of specific structural skin proteins: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. These three substances are high molecular weight compounds that are intertwined in the form of protein chains, creating a network that we recognize as the dermis (mesoderm). Over time, these cells change, causing sagging, dryness and wrinkles on the skin.

In injectable mesotherapy, I use ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides and growth factors to deeply hydrate, tighten and improve the skin.

How does the meso­therapy work?

Mesotherapy, is an injectable therapy. A very thin needle is used to inject a small amount of the nutrient solution into the mesoderm approximately 0.2-5.0 mm below the top layer of skin.

A second way of applying mesotherapy substances to the face is with the help of dermabrasion. Here, a process is used in which I introduce the mesotherapy solution into the mesoderm through a superficial abrasion on the skin. At the same time, the skin defense mechanism perceives this process as an injury and immediately stimulates healing processes that lead to the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers. Thus, a reduction of surface wrinkles and tightening of the skin is achieved.

Hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for hydration, has the ability to absorb a thousand times its weight in water. The effect of mesotherapy is firmer skin due to the deep action of hyaluronic acid. Vitamins, thanks to their antioxidant properties, inhibit further degeneration of collagen and elastin fibers and participate in collagen formation. Growth factors stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. That is why the therapy is particularly suitable against scars. The result is that you look refreshed, brighter, healthier and fresher, with fewer signs of fine wrinkles or acne.

What meso­therapy substances do we offer?

The substances active in mesotherapy counteract dehydration, sagging and photoaging, contribute to the anti-aging effect and keep the skin young, fresh and hydrated.

In particular, my active solutions contain a complex of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, coenzymes, fatty acids, amino acids and growth factors. The presence of these substances affects the metabolism of cells and activates their renewal and maintenance of their hydration, which makes the skin look smoother, firmer and improved.

Is meso­therapy painful?

Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment. While you might think that it is a painful treatment either because of the needle or the mesotherapy solution, the application is practically painless.

This is because, firstly, the needles used in mesotherapy are specially designed for this purpose and are extremely thin and, secondly, before each application, the face is treated with a special anesthetic ointment. In this way, the process becomes practically painless.

mesotherapy in zug
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2. Anti-Aging
3. Behandlung von Akne
4. Hautstraffung

How does my skin look after meso­therapy?

At the end of the mesotherapy treatment you will receive a special post-treatment mask, which soothes the skin so that you can go directly to your usual activities. There may be a slight redness that will subside over the next few hours. It is very rare to have small bruises at the infusion sites.

Does meso­therapy only work on the face?

The process of aging is unfortunately a phenomenon that affects the skin as a whole. The good thing is that I apply the anti-aging shield offered by the therapy to other parts of the body, such as the neck, hands or décolleté.

“Mesotherapy works on any skin at any age. It is the essential therapy you need to tighten your skin.”

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Meso­therapy costs

In my practice, your well-being and an optimal result is our top priority. Each patient has an individuality whose needs are the focus of my treatments. Therefore, it is not always possible to give a general estimate of the costs. Therefore, please understand that we cannot give generally valid prices for mesotherapy. The cost of each treatment also depends on your personal starting point and your wishes.

Are you interested in mesotherapy and would like to know more about the prices?

Write us a message and make your appointment! Only in the context of a medical examination we can give you a personal and binding cost estimate adapted to you!

The prices for mesotherapy start from CHF 300. A specific, customized offer will be made to you after a personal consultation with clinical examination.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kelly® today.

Before you decide on a treatment, you have the great opportunity for a personal consultation. Our goal is to care for you not only medically, but also from person to person.

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