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Skin lesion removal with laser: effective, safe and non invasive

Laser or scalpel? The answer to this question is that the method of laser ablation (removal with laser) and especially carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, is an excellent alternative treatment method of skin lesions. The great advantage: no scarring.

Treatment Overview

  • Verfahrensdauer:

    ca. 30 Minuten

  • Downtime:


  • Sun exposure:

    Yes, with sunscreen at least +50SPF

  • Complementary treatments:

    Surgical removal

  • Cost:

    from CHF 500.–

What is skin lesion removal with laser?

Laser treatment for skin lesions uses intense beams of light to destroy the cells in the skin. Previously, excision and cutting were the more common methods of removing skin lesions. Laser removal is especially appropriate for sensitive areas, such as the face or ears, and can also be helpful in removing multiple moles at once.

A laser is used to heat the cells or tissue. In the process, the cells are cut or they burst. The laser beam is absorbed by the skin lesion, which is broken up and absorbed by the body as it heals. Since the laser seals the blood vessels, no stitches are required.

Removal of skin lesions with laser zug
Removal of skin lesions with laser

When can laser therapy be used?

The advantages of laser therapy against skin lesions are given and include several aspects: First, there is less need for pain medication after treatment. Furthermore, the lesion cells of the skin are treated with precise radiation energy. This, in turn, improves the healing response and promotes collagen production to restore the skin. Laser treatment also provides better lymphatic drainage, which results in less swelling and ensures improved blood circulation to the treated skin.

How long does the removal of the skin lesion take?

It depends on the technique used and the extent of the skin lesions. You will get an idea of this when we have an informative talk with me before starting the treatment.

Is the laser painful?

The laser treatment itself is not painful at all. The local anesthetic administered before the procedure may sting a little, like any injection. But once it has started to work, you will not feel the laser treatment. Before I start the procedure, I always check that the region is numb.

How long is the recovery time?

The treated areas of the skin, heal like a small burn. The skin takes about 10-14 days to achieve a smooth pink mark. This color then fades in the following weeks.
For 48 hours after the procedure, you will need to keep the wound dry and then gently clean it daily. You will also need to keep the treated area out of the sun as well until the wound heals because sun exposure to a fresh wound will cause increased pigmentation of the skin.

If you want to apply makeup to the area, you can do so after the scab has fallen off and the area is smooth, which is usually after 10 days.

What does the skin look like after laser treatment?

Immediately after the procedure, the skin lesions will be dissolved, leaving a small red mark in their place. This will be covered with a little ointment and a small bandage that can be removed the next morning. The red mark will then form a crust over the following days before falling off to leave smooth new skin.

“Laser can remove skin lesions effectively and without complications.”

Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou

Can moles be treated with laser?

Some moles are less suitable for laser removal; if after examining the mole I suspect it would be safer to do a biopsy, for example if the mole has recently changed in size or color, I recommend the traditional surgical method of removal so that the sample can be examined. Using a laser means that the birthmark is effectively “burned” and nothing is left for analysis.

Skin lesion removal with laser cost

In my practice, your well-being and an optimal result is our top priority. Each patient has an individuality whose needs are the focus of my treatments. Therefore, it is not always possible to give a general estimate of the costs. Therefore, please understand that we cannot give generally valid prices for skin lesion removal with laser. The cost of each treatment also depends on the personal initial situation and your wishes.

Are you interested in skin lesion removal with laser and would like to know more about the prices? Write us a message and make your appointment! Only in the course of a medical examination can we provide you with a personal and binding cost estimate tailored to you!

Prices for laser skin lesion removal start from CHF 500. A specific, customized offer will be provided to you after a personal consultation with clinical examination.

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