Summer is gone – Why now is the best time for aesthetic treatments


As Summer fades and the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to dig out your warmer clothes from the wardrobe and get ready for the lovely Autumn weather. It’s also a great time to offer your skin and your body some special treatments after a long, sunny summer.

Switzerland – the sun destination in the heart of Europe

Living in the center of Europe gives us the unique opportunity to catch any flight to the south, sunny resorts for a long vacation or even for a hot weekend. Sun was though very generous with Switzerland too this year, we all enjoyed high temperatures, swimming in the lakes and sun tanning till the long evening hours.

On a negative side, exposure to the harsh summer sun can work to ‘speed up’ the visible signs of ageing. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles (as a result of reduced elasticity and a degradation in the overall condition of the skin), as well as pigmentation.

As a doctor, I am a firm believer in the motto ‘prevention is better than a cure’, when it comes to sun damage.
I am an advocate for the year round use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

I also help to tackle the visible symptoms of ageing, whether linked to overexposure to the sun or not, without making you worry about the condition of your skin, or your skincare regime.

Sonnenbrand - Zeit für eine ästhetische Behandlung

So why is Autumn such a great season for aesthetic treatments?

Moreover, sun and heat in the summer days accelerate the metabolism of botulinum toxin, and mimic wrinkles can come back earlier as expected. Autumn is always the best time to make some small touch-ups with botulinum toxin on your face and enhance your skin appearance.

The pigmentation that can occur after sun exposure is also a common problem on all skin types and following an IPL or Nd YAG Laser treatment may take longer to fade, if it is exposed to the sun in the 4 weeks following a treatment.
If your skin has also visible signs like dryness or even dehydration, a mesotherapy with special hyaluronic acid and vitamins products can work in the deeper layers of your skin and restore the hydration and glow that was missing.

Following a skin-resurfacing treatment like Radiofrequency Microneedling or laser skin rejuvenation some patients experience a warmth or ‘tingling’ sensation in the treatment area, as well as some short-term redness of the skin – both side-effects that tend to be short-lived and resolve themselves in the days immediately following a treatment. However, it is likely that you will feel more comfortable in the cooler weather of Autumn if they are undergoing a treatment of this nature.

Der Sommer ist zu Ende. Regenerieren Sie ihre Schönheit bis Weihnachten.

Autumn offers the chance to get the body in shape again.

If you feel you are in need of some body contouring to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat on your body or double chin, Liposuction or Anti-Fat Injections are perfect treatments to get in Autumn for two reasons; liposuction is an intervention that requires you to wear a tight body corset after the operation, which is more tolerable in the cooler months and is a treatment that takes about 3-6 months till you enjoy the final results.

Secondly, injection lipolysis generally requires at least three treatments, four weeks apart and the final results will not be achieved until 12 weeks after your first treatment. This is due to the time it takes your body’s blood and lymphatic system to gradually clear out the dead fat cells. So if you think about the time it takes from first treatment to final results, that 3-6 months bring us quite close to next spring and summer … so start planning and treating now to look fantastic for next party season.

Finally, Autumn is a great chance to ‘cover up’ a treatment area immediately post-treatment, whilst the skin recovers, without overheating. Wearing trousers or a long skirt over legs that have been treated with laser during spider vein removal treatment or wearing your hair down following a thread lifting or liquid facelift treatment to disguise where the threads or fillers have been inserted into the skin can help you to feel more confident as your body heals post-treatment. Both far more comfortable to do in the cooler days of Autumn than in the full heat of the summer.

So if you have considered a non-surgical aesthetic treatment, but weren’t sure when was the best time to undergo a procedure, then consider right now, this Autumn.

Der Sommer ist zu Ende. Zeit, die Hautschäden von Sonne und Wind zu regenerieren.