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With cutting-edge technologies for a pure, clear skin.

Agnotis: Ancient Greek. Αγνοτις = purity 

Get rid of your acne – and what makes it keep coming back

Acne remains one of the most common skin conditions in the world. In fact, 95% of young people between the ages of 11 and 30 suffer from acne. The skin condition is most common in all genders between the ages of 14-19.

Acne is a skin condition that can worsen and flare up throughout adolescence and into adulthood. It is a skin condition that can occur almost at any time without warning and has emotional and mental effects in addition to the obvious physical ones.

Against all four factors of acne formation!

Our program successfully treats acne by targeting all four factors of acne formation. We use individualized, advanced medical therapies that target intensive peeling and deep pore cleansing.

A specialized skin analysis will determine the most effective target for your acne therapy. Proper diagnosis combined with regulation of sebum production and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapies results in a successful acne skin care program.

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A unified 5-step strategy with a personalized treatment plan

Your skin may be different from mine. That’s why I tailor my program to you, your skin type, and the state of your skin’s aging process. It is designed for a period of 5 months from the first treatment.

1st step


2nd step


3rd step


4th step


5th step


Treatments included in the Agnotis program

  • Goal

    Short-term improvement of acute acne; long-term elimination of acne formation.

  • Candidates

    men/ women with acute acne and recurrent acne

  • Duration of treatment

    2 – 5 months, then sessions at regular intervals

  • Downtime

    depending on therapy: none to 3 days

  • Included treatments

    among others phototherapy, laser therapy, chemical peelings. The therapy plan is prepared for you after a detailed anamnesis.

  • Cost

    from CHF 3’750.–

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kelly today.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kelly® today.

Before you decide on a treatment, you have the great opportunity for a personal consultation. Our goal is to care for you not only medically, but also from person to person.

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