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A holistic plan for facial beautification and restoration of youthful freshness.

Anaviosis: Ancient Greek = higher development, transformation

My comprehensive anti-aging program against mild to severe signs of aging and sagginess on the face.

The face is made up of a unique combination of features. These distinctive facial features form an essential part of our identity and are among the most fragile and sensitive parts of our overall appearance. The vulnerability of the face to the aging process, gravity, and other lifestyle factors can make it challenging to maintain the vibrant and youthful aesthetic we strive for.

The aging face looks less like a heart and more like an egg. Many of these changes are due to the loss of moisture, collagen, fat and elastin. In addition, the facial bones change with age. This all leads to flattened cheeks and draws attention to the mouth instead of the eyes.

But no matter how far this process has progressed, now is not the time for resignation! Because I’ve put together a whole arsenal of tricks into a holistic program to give your face back the freshness and vitality that leads to a radiant appearance.

Anaviosis: A face is more than the sum of its parts

In my Anaviosis program, I look at the face as a whole, rather than just individual parts. It consists of a finely tuned treatment plan that achieves a natural yet transformative lifting result.

For example, filling with fillers or fat grafting softens nasolabial folds and highlights cheekbones, allowing people to focus on your upper face and eyes again. Likewise, the skin can be revitalized to make it look fresher, more even and youthful.

I developed this treatment program because I was amazed at how my own skin felt and looked after just a few treatments. In this program, I combine  a lot of my favorite treatments, among others Dr. Kelly Lift, radiofrequency microneedling and biostimulation.

It is a very comfortable, minimally invasive program that focuses on collagen and elastin formation and consequently to skin tightening. In addition, I can always use a laser-based method to repair pigmentation spots, moles, as well as signs on the skin from sun damage, stress, pollution, and to tighten wrinkles.

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Marija Nikolic

Patient Coordinator

A unified 5-month strategy with a personalized treatment plan

Your skin may be different from mine. That’s why I tailor my program to you, your skin type, and the state of your skin’s aging process. It is designed for a period of 5 months from the first treatment.

1st month


2nd month


3rd month


4th month


5th month


Treatments included in the Anaviosis plan

  • Goal

    The goal is to beautify, refine and lift your face while maintaining a subtle, natural aesthetic that is appropriate for your age and stage of life. These treatments can be staggered over months or years depending on your age, financial situation and aesthetic goals.

  • Candidates

    Women from 40 to 70 years of age with mild to severe signs of facial aging.

  • Timing of the plan

    6 – 16 months, depending on goal and treatment progress; thereafter recurrent treatments

  • Downtime


  • Cost

    from CHF 5’450.–

Microneedling: the story of a thousand and one needles

My favorite device combines three different methods that I combine depending on skin type, tissue and aging process. For example, unlike other devices, I can adjust the needle depth to reach deeper or more superficial layers of the skin, depending on the skin’s needs.

The fine needles penetrate the skin gently and evenly without causing pain or discomfort. They cause tiny micro-injuries in the dermis to cause mild inflammation. This causes the skin to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. An increase in collagen is key to smoothing fine lines, plumping the skin and improving elasticity.

Radiofrequency: Give me more energy

Radiofrequency energy is used to heat the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production there as well, gently warming and tightening the skin. By combining radiofrequency and microneedling, the depth and frequency of the energy can be controlled and changed. This produces the most effective results.

Light and laser: a little bit of Star Wars

I use the laser to destroy benign abnormalities of the skin, which are then absorbed by the body. In the past, such lesions would have been removed with a scalpel. However, laser removal is particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as the face or ears, and can also be helpful in removing multiple moles at once.

Mummy’s little helpers: A little time machine

A youthful face is characterized by high cheekbones, full cheeks and a defined jawline. As the face ages, cheek skin and fat begin to sag, resulting in deeper nasolabial folds and flattened cheeks, the jawline is no longer clearly defined, and fullness (a double chin) develops between the neck and chin. With various other treatments, I tighten and firm the tissues, restoring moisture and nutrients.

Celebrate beauty: Because it’s you

You deserve to feel great every day. With my aesthetic program, I support you in preserving your youthfulness and significantly slowing down aging processes in your face. 

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Marija Nikolic

Patient Coordinator

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