Treatments for Men: The best a man can get

Men go a completely different way in their aging process. In addition, the body and skin differ from women in many ways. I explicitly consider these factors through adapted treatment techniques and materials to achieve the best possible result on the male body.


The body form of men is usually hereditary. But that can be corrected.

Men too would like to present the best version of themselves. Be it in the professional world, on the holiday beach or just for one night. But with increasing age it becomes more and more difficult to hide unwanted weight.

My most common procedures for men involve the chest and body. An example is Gynecomastia (enlargement of the male mammary gland) – a relatively common male disease that leads to excessive development of breast tissue and in some cases to fat accumulation. This is a completely repairable condition, more bad luck than bad management and not something to suffer from.

Other often men want an optimization of the belly, followed by waist, neck and chest. This can be easily and specifically achieved with lipo-sculpturing (liposuction). Because sport or diet lead to a reduction in fat mass in the individual areas. However, this has no influence on the overall distribution of fat cells, which is genetically determined. Disturbing fat pads are correspondingly resistant to diets or sports. For many men liposuction is therefore a quick and effective method to get rid of annoying fat pads.

Beauty as a life companion

The whole world is talking about women's body ideals. But where does that leave men?

More and more men take a critical look in the mirror. They ask themselves a question that used to bother women in particular: “Am I attractive?”. Every sixth patient who visits a plastic and aesthetic surgery practice is a man. Men’s beauty has become respectable. I look forward to every time a man finds the courage to come to me.

Premature ageing can be avoided

The body and skin of men differ in many ways from women. I explicitly consider these factors through adapted treatment techniques and materials in order to achieve the best possible result on a man’s body. My program was consciously developed to emphasize the natural beauty in all decades. Just as you exercise regularly to maintain your fitness, my program for men is designed to continuously improve your appearance and maintain it over time. span>

A preventive and discreet approach

The sooner you choose a treatment program, the better I can repair and often prevent the effects of aging. Especially in men, it is often desirable not to “see” the treatment. What appears to be a contradiction is an adapted approach. The measures are carried out very subtly. This has two advantages: First, the body can adapt better to the change. We give him more time to recover and adapt. Secondly, we do not want you to be addressed by your environment. Especially among men, aesthetic surgery is (still) a taboo.

Together with you we develop a long-term plan – tailored to your appearance, your ambitions and of course your budget. The tailor-made programme includes regular treatments and the use of coordinated medical skin care products.

"Every decision I make with you makes you look attractive and natural."