When are we men in our prime? Here and now!

We are fortunate to live in a time that allows us to always look good, no matter what decade of our lives we are in. You can feel attractive at 30 – also at 60.


We are fortunate to live in a time that allows us to always look good, no matter what decade of our lives we are in. You can feel attractive at 30 - also at 60.

Non-surgical treatments of the latest generation can rejuvenate and reshape an aging face. This can often delay or even prevent the need for invasive surgery. But if you are willing to have an operation, I will be able to give you more of what time or other circumstances have taken away from you.

Sagging skin

You may have heard the expression that gravity takes its toll, but when it comes to flaccid skin, there's a lot more going on. Over time and during our active lives, gravity, sun damage and the stress of everyday life take their toll.  

The aging process also slows the body’s own production of collagen and elastin and is associated with a shrinkage of the bone substance of the face and loss of facial fat. This can cause a tired and saggy appearance. Together with a deterioration of the skin elasticity, skin wrinkles, cheek and neck pads form as a result. The jaw contour becomes less pronounced and the lower part of the face appears heavier.

Beyond that, the skin cannot jump back and repair itself as it did in its youth. Even high-quality creams are of little use here. But I can dramatically improve your flaccid skin.


Wrinkle treatments are perhaps the most researched topic of the last decades in aesthetic medicine.

University of Michigan researchers have focused particularly on the mechanisms of aging skin and have come to a better understanding of how best to combat the process of wrinkling. After evaluating several dozen studies, it is now clear that the following treatments have been shown to rejuvenate the skin: Injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, radio frequency and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. I myself can support these findings with my practical experience, because this is where the objective results are most convincing.

Volume loss on cheeks, eyebrow, chin and jaw

One of the most important effects of aging is that the face loses volume.

Most often a loss of volume occurs on the cheeks, eyebrows, chin and jaw. A youthful face resembles the shape of an inverted triangle, a line through the eyes forms a base, and the chin forms the tip of the triangle.

For example, when the cheeks sag and lose volume, they move from their usual high position on the face to a lower position. This leads to the formation of so-called nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth), oral commissures (the folds directly under the corners of the mouth) and sagging skin under the jawline. This leads to a more square appearance on the face. span>

Methods like facelifting can help reduce wrinkles and flaccid skin, but without adding the lost volume, an unnatural result can often occur.

Dull and tired skin

We often focus on treating local problems, what patients want without recommending or suggesting other treatments that would improve their general appearance.

This way we don’t work hard enough to take care of our canvas. In aesthetic medicine and surgery the stage is the skin itself and therefore the treatment of this organ should always be our first priority. Good skin health makes our patients look better and also helps to improve the results of other established treatments such as skin fillers and botulinum toxin. If the skin looks better, the results of other treatments will be greater. This is comparable to an artist’s masterpiece – no doubt any respected artist would ensure that his canvas is of the highest quality to help him create equally high-quality works. The same applies to the care of our patients’ skin.

Droopy eyelids

With increasing age, the eyelids and the muscles that support them become weaker. As a result, excess fat can collect above and below your eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, drooping upper lids and bags under your eyes.

Moreover, a very sagging skin around your eyes can reduce your lateral vision (peripheral vision), especially the upper and outer areas of your field of vision. With blepharoplasty I can reduce or eliminate these visual problems and make your eyes appear younger and more alert.

Tear bags

Nobody likes tear bags.

They make us look tired and make us older than we really are. Too often they don’t get better with more sleep and a healthier diet.

Luckily there is more than one way to solve the problem.

Dark circles

A problem we all know: We wake up, look in the mirror and notice these dark, hanging circles under your eyes.

To try to solve the problem, we have to identify the cause. In fact, the problem of dark circles is a combination of factors, including genetics, excess pigmentation around the eyes, dilated blood vessels, dry, irritated skin, bone loss and aging. What you actually see is a shadow effect that exposes the underlying blue veins and your eye cavity.

Drooping eyebrows

Many patients come to me and tell me that they are disturbed by a drooping upper eyebrow or forehead and a "tired looks".

Today, there are several invasive or non-invasive methods that reduce forehead wrinkles, improve frown lines and place the eyebrows in a youthful position.

Ear deformities

The ears usually go unnoticed when one person meets another... except when protruding or deformed ears attract attention.

For children in particular, protruding ears attract immediate attention and often ridicule. Whether they protrude too far, are too large or asymmetrical, ears that do not conform to the norm can be very uncomfortable for many patients. I very often notice how attractive my patients are, how easily they lose their self-confidence when it comes to aesthetic ear problems.

Nose deformities

The nose has a central position in the face and therefore the size and shape of the nose have a great influence on the appearance of an individual.

Facial harmony can be disturbed if a nose is disproportionate to other facial features because it is too broad, too long, too large, curved, humpy, drooping or deformed due to a traumatic injury. There are numerous psychological studies proving that nose deformities are strongly associated with low self-esteem. Besides medical reasons, this is the most common reason to make a correction.

Small Lips

Although aesthetics is quite subjective, most people understand and feel the same desire when it comes to small lips.

Finally, it is a fact that lip augmentation is one of the most sought after terms in relation to aesthetic procedures today. This shows that small lips are a need and we must respect it.

Discolored teeth

Tooth discoloration is an unsightly side effect of aging, accelerated by a number of different lifestyle factors such as smoking. Coffee or tea can also intensify discolouration. There are a number of methods to restore the pearl white color of teeth; the LED method is the most effective.