Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of your labia and reduces your vaginal discomfort.


The correction of the female genitals or labiaplasty is one of the fastest growing aesthetic operations today. The Internet and popular culture have given women more information on how to improve the appearance of their genital area. Too large labia can disturb the appearance of the genital area and have a negative effect on sexual perception. It helps to make the labia smaller.

A labia reduction (labiaplasty) is both a cosmetic and a functional correction of the female genitals. Labiaplasty focuses on the correction of the shape and size of the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris cap or a combination of both. I prepare this intimate procedure individually for your concerns and take extra time to consider your fears and wishes.

During the procedure, I usually remove areas of excess or dark skin and tissue, improving the appearance of your genitals and reducing areas that are painful due to friction.

Schamlippenkrorrektur bei zu grossen Schamlippen bei Dr. Kelly Vasileiadou Ästhetische Medizin und Chirurgie in Cham und Zug.

Labiaplasty: reduction of the labia against vaginal discomfort and a changed appearance

Who is the procedure suitable for?

It is intended for any woman who finds her labia excessively large, protruding, bulky, asymmetrical or feels a vaginal discomfort. The labia can be reduced in size for both older and younger women. I experience a lot of women, for who a big labia is a big burden.

How do you know if labiaplasty is an option for me?

Women come to me who have aesthetic desires regarding their labia, who have physical pain during sexual intercourse, or who feel uncomfortable during daily movement. The most common reason my patients want labia correction is to reduce the size of the labia to improve comfort. Aesthetic appearance is usually a secondary reason.

It is important to me that we find out together what you want to achieve with the operation and that you decide to do this procedure voluntarily.

What do "normal" labia look like?

There is a big variation, how “normal” labia look or what are too big labia. In fact, even if you have long, protruding and thick labia, this can be considered normal. There are also variations in colour. For this reason it is important that you do not compare yourself with pictures of other women. As long as your labia do not cause you pain or any kind of health problem, you do not need correction. Reduction of labia does not mean running after an ideal of beauty.

The problems generally occur when the labia minora are long or protruding so that they are no longer covered by the labia majora and are exposed. As the labia minora become sensitive, this can lead to vaginal discomfort.

What causes labia to bee too large?

You may have enlarged labia from birth, or you may develop them later. Two main causes are aging and birth. Another cause of enlarged labia, which is less common, is dramatic weight loss.

What is the difference between labia correction and vaginal plastic surgery?

While labia reduction is a procedure that reduces the size and shape of the labia, vaginal plastic surgery is the surgical procedure that allows vaginal tightening; this means that the vaginal walls are made smaller and narrower to make the vagina younger and firmer. The main difference is that labioplasty deals with the external appearance of the genitals; while vaginal surgery treats the internal appearance vaginally and involves a longer operation with a longer recovery time and more complications.

How long does the operation take?

The operation is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia or twilight sleep. Depending on the amount of correction and labia you need, the operation usually takes 1-2 hours. It is an intervention that must be performed with extreme care and patience.

Is it a painful surgery?

During the procedure you won’t feel anything because of local anesthesia. Postoperatively, any pain or discomfort can be well controlled by medication. Too big labia usually cause my patients more pain.

Will the labiaplasty leave scars?

Every operation has the potential of scarring. However, the labia tissue is very similar to the tissue in the mouth, it heals easily and with small scars. For this reason the resulting scars remain well hidden and smooth, like the surrounding skin. If you follow the postoperative care instructions I give you before your operation and practice good hygiene, your scars will gradually disappear into thin, silvery lines. This can take about a year.

"Many people still think the reduction of the labia is a taboo. I don't think that's right. Besides aesthetics, I perform labiaplasty for the primary purpose of eliminating the genital discomfort associated with too large labia".

How long is the recovery time after labia correction?

When you are discharged from surgery, I will give you specific instructions on what to do. In general, you need 2 or 3 days rest immediately after the operation and at least weeks rest from activities such as sex and exercise. I will advise you when you can resume normal activities such as sexual intercourse and sports.

What should I do after a labia correction?

Immediately after the operation you will need to stay at home for at least three days, more if necessary. You will be given painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection and relieve pain.

There are certain considerations you need to make after your labia correction, such as keeping the vaginal area clean during the healing process. You must carefully clean the area daily, especially after using the washroom. You may also need to wear a sanitary napkin in the weeks following the operation to absorb light bleeding that may occur after the operation. Please follow the instructions after the operation. Be careful during your recovery, as the best result for your procedure depends on how well you take care of yourself during your recovery.

When will the labia be completely healed after the labia reduction?

After the labiaplasty operation, some of the deep threads under the skin may take up to three months to completely dissolve; therefore, some of our patients may experience itching for up to three months after the operation. It’s a normal side effect of the healing process. The skin itches because it heals and contracts around the stitches as they dissolve.

How can I go to the bathroom? Is it gonna sting?

The incisions are closed properly so that you should not feel any pain or stinging when urinating. You can urinate normally. After you have finished, rinse the area carefully with water (you can use a squeeze bottle) and then gently pat dry.

When can I have sex again?

You can have sex about 2 weeks after surgery. If you have sex too early after labia reduction, you can limit your healing. Your sutures may open and your scars may be worse if this happens.

When can I start sports again?

You can start training after about two weeks. Before this time you can do gentle, leisurely exercises such as walking. This will help your circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots.

It is important to avoid activities that could irritate your labia during the first month, such as tampon use, riding or wearing very tight clothing and straps.

When will I see my final results?

You can see your optimal results in about four to six months. However, you should be able to get an approximate idea 6 weeks after the operation, as most swelling and bruising will have decreased. 

Will the procedure affect my sexual life?

Some patients are concerned that labia correction may reduce their sexual sensation, but it should not be a problem. This is because the clitoris is the focal point of sexual sensation for women. Labia correction does not affect the clitoris.

Will the procedure affect my chances of having children?

Vaginal lips correction does not affect your ability to get pregnant or have a vaginal delivery. Many women come to my practice because of physical complaints or dissatisfaction with their appearance. Many of these women have never had children.

A picture says more than a million words

In order to protect the privacy of my patients, I deliberately refrain from showing before and after pictures on my website. However, several patients have agreed that their photos can be viewed by potential patients in the practice. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to view images of real patients and the results of my procedures. Some patients have also agreed to talk to potential patients if you want to learn more about the procedure from a patient’s perspective.

Labia reduction Overview

Procedure: Outpatient in the practice's own operating theatre. Short stationary monitoring in the recovery room after the operation.
Duration of the procedure: approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or twilight sleep
Required downtime: 3 days
Costs: from 4,800 CHF, including operation fee, aftercare fee, technical service operating theaters, medication, possible diagnostics (laboratory, EKG, etc.)