Breast surgery

The female breast is perhaps the strongest symbol of a woman’s sexual attraction. And for many women, the size or shape of their breasts can determine how they feel about themselves.


With modern breast surgery I can enlarge, reduce, reshape or simply lift your breasts to give them a more youthful shape and your body a more harmonious silhouette.

Women want this specific surgery for various reasons: Often one breast is bigger than the other. Pregnancies, weight loss or simply the aging process can also take their toll. Breast augmentation is a relatively minor surgical procedure, the risk of complications is low.

Through the close cooperation between you and me we will design the best shape and size for you. Breast enhancement has the power not only to improve your appearance but also to maximize your self-confidence.

There are as many wishes as there ar shapes. A consultation is the first step to give form to these wishes. Experience shows that this first step is one of the most difficult but also one of the most important. There is not only much to tell, to explain and to judge, but also to build a common trust.

Too small breasts

It doesn't matter why you come to me: whether you want to add more volume to your chest after pregnancy, whether you want a small tightening of the breast or whether you are tired of wearing heavily padded bras.

At some point, the moment has come when you are ready to take the first step. You have already overcome the most difficult part. Come to my place. Your concerns and ideas are our common starting point for the consultation.

There are different bust shapes and just as many wishes. But the positive effect of an augmentation is not just a beautiful result. It also gives you a new attitude to life.

Sagging Breasts

Have you also had to experience what pregnancy, lactation, weight fluctuations, age and gravity can do to your breast?

The consequences of this can severely affect your attitude to life and your self-image as a woman. A sagging bust, also called ptosis, is often perceived not only as a sign of aging, but also as a loss of femininity. That doesn’t have to be!

I can help you gently with modern techniques to a natural, youthful breast shape. The surgical methods can vary greatly from case to case. I will carefully explain which operational approach is best suited for you in an initial consultation.

Too large Breasts

A very heavy, large bust can cause several health problems: back and neck pain, skeletal deformities, or even breathing problems. This happens especially at night when the weight of the breast presses directly on the chest (thorax).

An ample bust is considered feminine and attractive. However, women with breasts from cup size D often suffer from their large bust – both physically and mentally.

As a woman, I can understand the unwanted attention a patient can get because of her size. Too large breasts in many cases led to a reduced self-esteem and social insecurity. In addition, there are numerous physical complaints in everyday life. 

Inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are permanently or temporarily directed inwards.

The average breast has a nipple in the middle of the areola that is clearly visible from the rest of the breast. In certain situations, such as cold stimulus, the nipple may protrude more strongly and take on a rounder shape. This contributes to a shape that you may find attractive.

It may also be that the nipple does not differ from the rest of the breast. It does not “jump out”, remains flat or retracts in the chest. Then we speak of “warts” or “inverted warts”. They are caused by a congenital defect which leads to a strong shortening of the milk ducts and connective tissue strands. Retracted nipples can be repaired.