Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation can restore the lost volume in your breasts with beautiful, natural-looking results.


Lipofilling or fat transfer breast augmentation is an alternative to traditional breast augmentation procedures, in which a silicone or saline breast implant is used. Quite literally, fat transfer breast augmentation is exactly what it says. Through a series of intricate steps are needed, I can take fat from an area of excess and transfer it into the breasts, giving them a fuller, more voluminous appearance.

I have developed the procedure of Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, meaning that I use the patients’ own fat tissue, which is a rich source of stem cells and regenerative cells, to provide women with the option of enlarging their breast. Stem cells enable the transplanted fat tissue to grow its own blood supply, thus becoming an integral part of the breast rather than a foreign lump.

How does the procedure of fat transfer breast augmentation work?

First, fat is removed from your body, either from your buttocks, waist, thighs or another body part. In removing this fat, I perform water-assisted liposuction  (WAL), which utilizes streaming water to gently harvest the fat. It’s important for patients to understand that this is not simply for the purpose of harvesting fat. I also use this liposuction as an opportunity to perform beautiful body contouring in the targeted area. The fat is then processed to extract and activate the stem cells. The stem cells are then concentrated with the fat and injected in the breast. I precisely and delicately inject the fat into the breasts, always considering their shape and integrity.

Lipofilling - Brustvergrösserung mit Fetttransfer

During the Lipofilling, fat is extracted, processed and injected into the body. Breast augmentation with fat transfer forms the breast and the body.

"In my clinic, there are never pushy sales pitches or opinionated know-bests telling you how you should feel about a surgery. I work with you, understand what you want and what your concerns are, and only then I give you treatment options."

What results can I expect?

The end result is enlarged breasts that feel and appear very natural, without the complications associated with implants. Unlike traditional implants, this procedure will not interfere with future Mammograms or breastfeeding. The technique does not require general anaesthesia, typically requires only a 48 hour recovery period and leaves lasting results.

Once injected, the stem cells may then help to:
– Grow new blood vessels to feed the fat
– Release anti-inflammatory substances to aid in healing
– Increase growth factors to tighten the skin over the breast.

How much can I increase the size of my breast with this method?

Through advancements in the field of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, patients can increase their breast size by half a cup size to a full cup size. In many cases, this will depend upon how each patient’s body reacts to the reinjected fat. There is some resorption of the fat that can be expected, but the remaining fat should enhance the breasts permanently.

I read most of the fat doesn’t survive so more than one surgery is needed?

New techniques have proven a longer fat survival than in the past. Stem cell techniques in Europe and Japan have shown fat survival to even reach around 85%. But indeed there is a chance that a bigger amount of fat is reabsorbed by your body. In that case and if you are not happy with the final result, we may need to repeat the procedure.

What are the benefits of a breast augmentation with using fat transfer instead of implants?

Because I am using your own tissue, there is no chance of an adverse reaction to a foreign body, as there can be with traditional silicone or saline implants. What that means for you, is zero chance of implants complications, like capsular contracture (hard breast implants) or danger of leakage. Any other complication associated with artificial implants is rendered null and void through fat transfer breast augmentation.
This increasingly popular method of Lipofilling has the additional benefit of leaving no scarring in the chest and a virtually invisible scar where the liposuction was performed.

Is it the right procedure for me?

Yes, if you desire an increase in breast size, that is natural in appearance. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is ideal for the person who has lost fullness in the breasts due to age, weight fluctuations or breastfeeding. In the case you had a medical condition that has affected the shape or size of your breast, you might also be a good candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation to reconstruct your breasts.

Whether you have just received a mastectomy, lumpectomy or other procedure, natural breast reconstruction could be an option for you, to restore your breast to its original state. Because you are using your own tissue, there is no risk of running into the usual implant-related problems.

I heard calcifications caused by the surgery can interfere with mammograms?

Studies have proven that newer digital mammograms can easily evaluate if the calcifications in the breast are a suspicious sign or connected to the surgery.

Is this similar to the Stem Cell Breast Augmentations being used in Japan and Korea?

Yes, we offer Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation which has been proven in Korea and Japan to improve fat survival drastically.

How do I know if Lipofilling is the right procedure for me and not the traditional augmentation with implants?

There are benefits to be gained from each of the various breast augmentation procedures. Overall, the Fat Transfer Breast method is more natural, has less potential problems, and can increase breasts up to one full cup size in a single treatment.

When deciding which method is best for you, the most important step is a good consultation. In our first consultation, I will work with you to establish what your ideal figure is, what concerns you may have, and what you want out of this procedure. If you are first looking to improve your body figure through liposuction and at the same time interested in improving your breast form, then a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the right choice for you.
However, if you have been thinking to increase your breast size and you would not be happy with anything less than a 2-3 cup size increase, then you should definitely consider breast augmentation with implants.

A picture says more than a million words

In order to protect the privacy of my patients, I deliberately refrain from showing before and after pictures on my website. However, several patients have agreed that their photos can be viewed by potential patients in the practice. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to view images of real patients and the results of my procedures. Some patients have also agreed to talk to potential patients if you want to learn more about the procedure from a patient’s perspective.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer Overview

Procedure: Outpatient with inpatient monitoring in the recovery room after the operation.
Duration of the procedure: approx. 1.5 - 2 hours
Required downtime: 5 – 7 days
Anesthesia: local anaesthesia or sedation
Additional treatments: Liposuction, Breast augmentation, Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Costs: from 8,600 CHF, including operation fee and aftercare, technical service operating theater, medication, possible diagnostics (laboratory, EKG, etc.), postop compression garment