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We are fortunate to live in a time that allows us  to always look good -body and face-, no matter in which decade of our lives we are in. You can feel attractive at 30 – also at 60. Do something good for your face! Read more about our range of facials here.


The signs of time are particularly noticeable on the face, because the skin is especially thin there. In the course of life it loses moisture and elasticity and wrinkles develop. If these are so intense that they make the people's facial expression look tired or sad, affected people feel no longer comfortable in their skin.

Non-surgical treatments of the latest generation can rejuvenate and reshape an aging face. This can often delay or even prevent the need for invasive surgery. But if you are willing to have an operation for the face, I will be able to give you back more of what time or other circumstances have taken away from you.

Sagging, lax skin

How quickly we age is not only determined by our genes. But also by our lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, sun damage and other factors cause us to age prematurely. The skin does not forget any of these "sins".

I can, however, at least partially delay, stop or even reverse this process with you. Learn how:

The aging process slows the body’s own production of collagen and elastin and is also associated with a loss of the fat and bone tissue of the face. This can cause a tired and saggy appearance. Together with a loss of skin elasticity, the aging process results to wrinkles, cheek and neck pads. The jaw contour becomes less defined and the lower part of the face appears heavier.

In addition, the skin can no longer repair itself as much as it did in its youth. At this point, even high-quality creams are only effective to a limited extent. Other techniques are needed. I combine the anti-aging methods in my treatment program in an innovative way and achieve astonishing and at the same time very natural looking results.


Wrinkle treatments are perhaps the most researched topic of the last decades in aesthetic medicine.

In the last decades researchers of the university of Michigan have focused their work on the mechanisms of aging skin. And now the process of wrinkling is much better understood. After I have evaluated several of studies about the mechanism of aging and the preventive or corrective solutions, I came to the following treatments, that are proved to rejuvenate the skin: Injections of dermal fillers, botulinum toxin and nanofat, radio frequency and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.

What sounds terribly complicated are convincing alternatives to surgery. These treatments are gentler and the “downtime” considerably shorter. The wrinkles are gradually treated in several steps and repeated sessions. And most important, the change is taking place discreetly, which many of my patients appreciate.

During our initial consultation, we choose the right strategy, tailored to your wishes and aesthetic preferences on your face treatment.

Volume loss on cheeks, eyebrow, chin and jaw

When our experience of life is buried too deep in our faces.

A youthful face resembles the shape of an inverted triangle. The line above the eyes forms a base, while the chin forms the tip of the triangle.

Face shape

When the cheeks lose volume, they move down from their usual high position on the face. This leads to the formation of so-called nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth), oral commissures (the folds directly under the corners of the mouth) and sagging skin under the jawline. This leads to a rather square appearance on the face. 

An operative facelift reduces wrinkles and flaccid skin. But if we do not give volume back to the face, this often leads to an unnatural result.

But even without surgery, it is important to give the face back the volume that aging has taken away from it. With different methods I can harmoniously model your face and renew its distinctive features, even emphasize details.

Small lips

Aesthetics are subjective. But my patients agree on small, narrow lips: they want a full, sensual mouth.

Lip augmentation is nowadays one of the most sought after terms in relation to aesthetic face interventions. My patients often long for a treatment that respects their natural contours.

The shape and fullness of the mouth has a decisive influence on our entire facial expression and charisma. Through targeted lip modelling with hyaluronic acid I can give your lips a harmonious shape and a natural fullness.

Dull and tired skin

A fresh looking skin is the basis of all beauty. It is like the canvas on which an artist builds his masterpiece.

Instead of just focusing on critical areas and treating your body like isolated puzzle pieces, I always focus on your entire appearance. The treatment of your skin is often the focus of my attention. The principle is simple: healthy skin makes you look better and supports the results of any further treatment.

Droopy Eyelids

With increasing age, the eyelids sag. Muscles that support them become weaker. As a result, excess fat collects around your eyes.

Slack eyebrows, drooping eyelids and bags make you look tired. Your image is like that of an exhausted, unmotivated person, although you feel physically fit. My patients often find this unfair. I agree with that.

It becomes serious when the flaccid skin restricts your visual range. In this case I recommend a rapid treatment – medically called blepharoplasty. This allows the original field of vision to be reliably restored. However, this small but effective procedure not only improves your quality of life in a positive way. It also makes you look more alert and younger!

Tear bags

Nobody likes tear bags.

They make us look tired and make us older than we really are. Even with enough sleep and good nutrition it is usually impossible to cope with them. Luckily there is more than one way to solve the problem.

Dark circles

A problem we all know: We wake up, look in the mirror and notice these dark, hanging circles under our eyes.

To try to solve the problem, we have to identify the cause. In fact, the problem of dark circles is a combination of several factors: genetics, excess pigmentation around the eyes, dilated blood vessels, dry, irritated skin and bone loss and aging.

What you actually see is a shadow effect that exposes the underlying blue veins and your eye cavity. If we return the lost volume to the area and try to treat the pigmented skin the image improves positively.

Droopy eyebrows and wrinkled forehead area

Many patients come to me because they are disturbed by "drooping eyebrows", wrinkled foreheads or generally by their "tired appearance".

In such cases, several invasive or non-invasive methods can be used. I can use it to reduce wrinkles on the forehead, smooth wrinkles and make the eyebrows appear fresh and firm.

The treatments are tailored to your aesthetic preferences and the time and financial investment you wish to make. The approaches range from minimally invasive to surgical procedures.

Ear Pinning

The ears usually go unnoticed when one person meets another. But protruding or unusually shaped ears quickly attract unwanted attention.

Protruding ears are already very uncomfortable in childhood: they often make fun of people. Whether they protrude too far, whether they are too large or asymmetrical: ears that do not conform to the norm can be very unpleasant for many patients.

No matter how attractive my patients are – I very often notice how easily they lose their self-confidence when it comes to aesthetic ear problems. But what appears to be a stroke of fate can be reliably remedied.

Nasal deformities

The nose has a central position in the face. Size and shape of the nose have a strong influence on the appearance of an individual.

Facial harmony can be disturbed if a nose is out of proportion to other facial features – whether it is too broad, too long, too big, curved, humpy, drooping or deformed due to a traumatic injury.

There are numerous psychological studies proving that nose deformities are strongly associated with low self-esteem. Besides medical reasons, this is the most common reason to make a correction.

Tooth bleaching

A beautiful smile thanks to power tooth bleaching

Brilliant white teeth with immediate and long-lasting result. Professional tooth whitening enables gentle and sustainable whitening of the tooth color.