Surgical forehead and eyebrow lift: For those who want a permanent solution to wrinkles and droopy skin


Although Botulinum toxin and thread lifting has reduced the number of brow lifts performed today, many patients require eyebrow lift or forehead lifting to revitalize a wrinkled, droopy forehead and brighten the eyes.

There is a specific method I use for the eyebrow lift. An open, minimally invasive technique uses 4 small incisions in the hairy scalp to detach the forehead skin. Then I fix it in a higher position. This repositions droopy eyebrows, it creates a fresher look and a smoother, softer forehead.


Forehead and eyebrow lift: Cut in the hairy scalp and pulling direction (arrows)

"An Eyebrow lift dramatically improves your appearance and your vision. It smooths your wrinkles and corrects droopy skin."

How is a forehead and eyebrow lift performed?

An eyebrow lift can be performed in different ways. I prefer small incisions in the hairline, which raises the forehead skin and any muscle adjustment can be made under direct visualization. The resulting scars are well hidden in the hair. I always perform the procedure on an outpatient basis in my operating room. A forehead lifting also takes place with the same technique.

Do I have to expect a long healing time after the eyebrow lift?

The incapacity to work after eyebrow lifting is about 7-10 days. often the procedure is performed in combination with other operations such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) or facelift for total facial rejuvenation. In this case, you will need to have a slightly longer downtime.

When do you notice the aesthetic result of a forehead lift?

The results of a forehead lift are immediately visible, but you will see that your results improve further over the next six months as the swelling subsides. The results are impressive and long-term. You can improve the result even further with sun protection and proper skin care. Non-surgical treatments (e.g. Microneedling) after surgery can also be used to emphasize a youthful appearance.

A picture says more than a million words

In order to protect the privacy of my patients, I deliberately refrain from showing before and after pictures on my website. However, several patients have agreed that their photos can be viewed by potential patients in the practice. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to view images of real patients and the results of my procedures of a foreahead and eyebrow lift. Some patients have also agreed to talk to potential patients if you want to learn more about the procedure from a patient’s perspective.

Surgical eyebrow lifting or forehead Overview

Procedure: Outpatient in the practice's own operating theatre. Short stationary monitoring in the recovery room after the operation.
Duration of the procedure: approx. 1.5 hours
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or twilight sleep
Required downtime: 7 – 10 days
Additional treatments: Surgical facelift, Liquid Facelift, Botox treatment against wrinkles, Fadenlifting mit PDO Fäden, Obere Augenlidkorrektur
Costs: from 6,900 CHF (including operation fee (with consulting and aftercare fee), anesthesia fee, technical service operating theaters, medications and scar ointment, possible diagnostics (laboratory, EKG, etc.), post-treatment day skin care